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SMT Shipping Revs Up C-Suite Decision-making and Boosts Staff Productivity

Cloud-based data integration solution skyrockets productivity and makes decision-making a breeze.

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SMT Shipping’s Azure-based data integration solution increases data transparency and accuracy across the entire organization. Upper management can now make critical business decisions based on the most up-to-date data.

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SMT Shipping’s back-end consisted of multiple data silos located across various locations worldwide. The challenge for SMT was consolidating these widely dispersed multiple back-end systems.

SMT decided to use Microsoft technology to realize this vision. It was also important for SMT that the solution be scalable and deployable globally.  They needed a specialized technology partner to help them design and implement such a sophisticated integration solution.  They decided to work with Microsoft specialists Codit.

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SMT Shipping realized that their disparate back-end systems were not only inefficient – it was making the decision-making process for upper management cumbersome.

They needed to find a way to consolidate the massive amount of data that their shipping operations generated daily. Data such as requests for proposals, approvals, orders, delivery confirmations, invoicing and payment administration, were being manually entered into multiple back-end systems by multiple people, in multiple offices across the entire globe.

This ineffective way of working led to duplicate data entry, an increased risk of errors, and wasted time. Not only that, because the data was not consolidated communication with external partners was muddied, and management found it difficult to make mission-critical decisions quickly.

SMT took decisive action – they knew that eliminating data silos and integrating back-end systems was the only way forward. They turned to Codit whose expertise in data integration and automation are second to none.

We couldn’t imagine having found a better partner. Codit’s approach perfectly matches our high standards for quality.

Panayiotis Alexandrou IT Manager, SMT Shipping


Codit immediately got to work and implemented an Azure- based integration platform. This cloud-based solution, which offers Integration as a Service, is flexible and easily scalable.

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The Integration Cloud centralizes all SMT’s connections in a secure cloud platform. This solution seamlessly connects with local applications worldwide – including on-premises systems and can also connect to external business partners.

Data is entered into the system once, it then gets automatically synchronized across the entire organization. This reduces data inaccuracies, boosts productivity and cuts costs.

SMT decided to phase in the new integration solution. They started by running the new system on three of their vessels. This allowed SMT to evaluate the solution and make any changes if necessary.

“By phasing in the solution, we could make changes to our processes to meet our business needs. It also allows us to get the most out of this new technology,’ says Panayiotis Alexandrou.


The Azure-based integration solution boosts productivity, organizational efficiency, and reduces the risk of human error. Management can make accurate decisions quickly thanks to the availability of real-time data. SMT Shipping can now focus on what they do best – growing their business.

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Within months SMT Shipping saw a dramatic increase in productivity and an improvement in performance overall.

“We’re saving about 35% of the time spent on re-entering data,” says Panayiotis Alexandrou “Aside from saving time, we are also saving money because the integration gives our management team real-time accurate data, which allows them to make important business decisions faster.”

The team at SMT are particularly pleased that there’s no maintenance work needed for the integration solution.  “The beauty of it all is that we have an integration without having to build it ourselves. We don’t have to worry about infrastructure or maintenance, the platform is fully supported 24/7 by Codit,’ says Alexandrou.

A word from the client

“Integration Cloud enabled us to implement ‘best of breed’ systems step by step. We went for evolution, rather than revolution, and are now able to maintain global coverage at manageable costs.”

Marcel Heijnsbroek, Chief Financial Officer, SMT Shipping

35% increase

in productivity

Faster C-Suite


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