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The Codit strategy is based on focus and expertise. For complementary services and solutions that address the company's individual needs, we collaborate with experienced partners that offer you additional functionality you are looking for.

SIGFOX is an operated network, meaning you do not have to handle any installation or maintenance operations.

It is seamless and out-of-the box, allowing you to forget about communication and keep focused on the core of your project.

SIGFOX allows bidirectional communication: Device-to-Cloud (D2C) and Cloud-to-Device (C2D) are both initiated by the devices.

The SIGFOX network is designed for small messages sent every now and then. Its focus on energy efficiency allows you to build connected devices able to last years, even on a standard battery, without recharging.

Codit joined the SIGFOX Partner Network in April 2016 as “IoT Platform Provider” and is ready to help organizations build an open and extensible IoT cloud platform based on Microsoft Azure.