A Guide to Choosing Your Channels for Customer Excellence

Within customer service, selecting the right channels for delivering excellence can make or break a business. As technology evolves and customer expectations soar, companies need to navigate options for a seamless and satisfactory experience for their clientele. Here, we explore the nuances of channel selection and how it can shape the trajectory of customer excellence, as well as how we at Codit can help you to enhance your retail operations and customer experiences.

Understanding Customer Centricity

At Codit, we understand that putting the customer at the heart of every decision and interaction is key to achieving customer excellence. Traditionally, businesses have operated through multichannel and omnichannel approaches. While these approaches offer multiple touchpoints for customers, they often lack integration, which means customers are repeating themselves as they navigate different channels to find a fast and accurate answer to their inquiry.

The Different Paths

Omnichannel CX

Omnichannel customer experience holds the customer as central, offering a seamless integration across all touchpoints. Whether it’s an online purchase, customer support inquiry, or renewal process, customers expect consistency and continuity throughout their journey. By linking contact moments with customer touchpoints and gathering actionable feedback, businesses can fine-tune their omnichannel strategy to perfection.

However nowadays “Omnichannel” to Optichannel” is a paradigm shift in customer service.


It leverages intelligence to identify the optimal channel for each interaction. By harnessing data and analytics, businesses can anticipate customer needs and seamlessly guide them toward the most efficient channel for resolution. This not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces channel switching, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Case Study: Health Insurance Customer portal

This real-world example of a Codit customer illustrates the importance of channel optimization in achieving customer excellence. In health insurance, several pain points can be identified through a thorough analysis of feedback from omnichannel customers. 

Pain points: 

  • Despite efforts to promote the customer portal, customers struggled to find the information they needed, leading to increased traffic to other channels and a decline in satisfaction. The existence of the customer portal therefore needed to be highlighted.   
  • Issues with usability and access to individual customer data led to confusion and inconsistency. 

In response to this customer feedback and objective analysis, the health insurance company wanted to revamp its customer experience program. With the help of Codit, they were able to foster a culture of customer-centricity, gaining management buy-in, and implementing targeted improvements, aiming to deliver excellence at every touchpoint.


Choosing the right channels for customer excellence is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It requires a deep understanding of customer needs, thorough analysis of feedback, and a commitment to continuous improvement. By embracing optichannel strategies and refining their omnichannel approach with the help of Codit, businesses can create a seamless and satisfying experience that sets them apart in today’s competitive landscape. It’s not just about the channels you choose, but how effectively you use them to help your customers.

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