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First Arcus Observability Release of 2024 Starts with a Bang

The inaugural Arcus release of 2024 marks a significant milestone for the Arcus Observability library. In this post, we'll delve into the notable highlights.

.NET 8 support

The v3.0 release of the Arcus Observability library is the first Arcus release with .NET 8 support. This means that from now on we support both .NET 8 primary and .NET 6/.NET Standard secondary for backward compatibility. We have said goodbye to .NET Core.

It was important to make this a priority in our release strategy, and with the help of what we learned from the .NET 6 update, we have made this a success. The update brings the newest features of .NET to Arcus and we hope to update the remaining Arcus libraries soon.

Removing deprecation

The new release is major, and this also means removing some features. All deprecated functionality that was previously released has been removed. These are mostly logging extensions that use incomplete or outdated parameters. The new available set of logging extensions is far simpler and easier to use.

Some types have been removed, such as theDependencyMeasurement, which has been replaced by the DurationMeasurement. This was because we track not only the duration of dependency telemetry but also that of requests, which made the old type illogical to use.

Reusable telemetry context

There is also a fix in this release, which is the result of frequently using Arcus in the wild. The Observability library provides many logging extensions, almost all of them with a telemetry context. In a real-life project scenario, you might want to reuse the telemetry context across your logging so that all logging is tagged with the same custom dimensions. The problem with earlier releases was that this was not taken into account, as the context was being used as a mutable set. Making it difficult to reuse.

The new release fixes this by interacting with the telemetry context in an immutable manner. Now the context can be used across logging so that the entire project logging can be streamlined. This is a great example of how practical usage of the Observability library results in better support and a more dev-friendly experience.


Arcus Observability v3.0 is the first Arcus release of 2024 and immediately brings a whole lot of changes to the table. We expect other Arcus library releases with .NET 8 support soon.

Take a look at the release notes and feature documentation to learn more about Arcus Observability.

See our official documentation for more information on all the currently supported features.

If you have any questions, remarks, comments, or just want to discuss something with us; feel free to contact us.

Thanks for reading!

Arcus team

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