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Top 4 Reasons that AI and Machine Learning Deployments Fail

Did you know that 80% of all AI and Machine Learning deployments fail? Maxime Dehaut, Lead Architect and AI/ML expert at Codit Luxembourg will tell you why in this latest vlog.

Organizations across the globe are racing to embrace the fraud detection capabilities that artificial intelligence and machine learning have to offer. But 80% of all delpoyments fail – which is a huge number! In this short vlog Maxime Dehaut, Lead Architect and AI/ML expert at Codit Luxembourg will tell you the top four reasons that AI and machine learning deployments fail.

This is a snippet of a longer webcast “AI-Driven Fraud Detection – The Viable & Future Proof Solution” which we have available to watch on demand. 

In this webcast, hosted by AI experts Maxime Dehaut, Lead Architect, Codit Luxembourg, and Frank Roessig, Head Cloud Apps, Data & AI, Telindus Luxembourg, you’ll learn:

  • The main digital tools to mitigate fraud.
  • Rule-based tools can be augmented by Machine Learning. How does this work? What are the advantages? 
  • Insights on how to implement ML-driven fraud monitoring solution.
  • The challenges when working with AI-Based Fraud Management solutions.

Click here to watch this on-demand webcast now.

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