Recap of Day 1: Integrate 2022

INTEGRATE 2022 brings together experts in the Microsoft Integration Space for a Hybrid event in London. These are the highlights of day 1, from the perspective of the Codit staff following the event.

BizTalk to Azure Integration Services Migrations to Become Easier

After a survey by Microsoft it was determined that some essential BizTalk features aren’t available yet in Azure Integration Services. They have committed to bringing more feature parity to AIS to get all customers on board. This includes support for SWIFT, enhancements to EDI, Business Rules Engine support and much more. This support for business rules is something we especially welcome, as we have had several customers enquire about this.

Logic Apps Consumption Export Functionality to Logic Apps Standard

Migrating from Logic Apps Consumption to Logic Apps Standard will become easier in the future because of an upcoming export functionality that will do all the necessary work for you.

Later, this same functionality will also become available for Logic Apps running in an Integration Service Environment.

New Logic Apps Workflow Designer

The workflow designer in Logic Apps is getting an overhaul again. The new designer will improve usability for complex flows and error handling. This is a great step towards designing even better and clearer workflows!

You Should Focus on Going Forward (the Future) and Not Looking Back

We are sometimes locked into old patterns that are based on legacy systems. That can make it quite hard to see new possibilities. Often what was built in older systems was already a workaround.

Redesigning your solution based on new technology might seem like a bigger investment at first, but will definitely pay for itself in the long run.

Logic App Standard is where the investments are being done

While Logic Apps Consumption definitely still has its place, Logic Apps Standard will receive the newest functionality and improvements. Take this into consideration when choosing between Consumption and Standard.

Visual Mapper for Logic Apps

Mapping is an important part of just about any interface, and there is currently no visual mapper to help you create these mappings. This will change soon with the addition of a visual mapper in the Logic Apps tooling, a great step towards a more mature development experience!

Check back here tomorrow for updates on day 2!

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