Anode reduces the cost and complexity of anomaly detection for your industrial assets. Simple to deploy and able to deliver immediate results, our end-to-end solution comes as a bundle of sensors, services, and installation for a predictable monthly price.

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Anode for Manufacturing

Anode is an end-to-end solution that expands the scope of what plants can monitor beyond the most mission-critical equipment, by significantly reducing the cost and complexity of delivering asset anomaly detection. An Anode deployment includes optional sensors, installation, and cloud and edge-based anomaly detection service and dashboards at a fair monthly cost. Optionally, Anode can be extended to integrate with other customer systems.

Advanced Time Series Data Analysis

Anode analyzes time series data from industrial sensors to detect anomalous vibration, temperature, and acoustic conditions in real-time for simple and complex machines. This includes motors, fans, and other more complex assets such as CNC, packaging and injection molding machines, which are found in many manufacturing settings.


In the wake of Industry 4.0, IoT technologies are empowering companies to gain deeper, real-time insights into their operations. Smart manufacturing technologies are predicted to drive a sevenfold increase in annual efficiency gains by 2022 and one of the areas where manufacturers are realizing significant benefit from IoT solutions is predictive maintenance. This can help to reduce operational disruptions while maximizing the lifespan of existing, capital-intensive equipment. A prerequisite to enabling predictive maintenance is detecting asset behavior anomalies that are good predictors of a future suboptimal state, including asset downtime.

This is where Anode comes in. Simple to deploy, able to deliver immediate results, requiring no complicated model development and supportive of a wide variety of IO-Link sensors, Anode can help with a variety of anomaly detection use cases.


Production Grade

Anode comes bundled with high-quality IFM sensors for temperature, vibration, flow, and pressure, generating value for you by identifying the need for preventive maintenance in a variety of areas.

Quick To Value

You get a turn-key solution by calling just one vendor: Codit. Anode will typically start generating value for your company in a matter of weeks – an order of magnitude improvement over typical IoT deployments.


Anode features highly-intuitive process flows and dashboards, greatly simplifying configuration and ongoing monitoring for your company and fitting your exact needs.


Anode includes everything you need to detect anomalies in your production assets. For one predictable, monthly price, you receive the appropriate sensors, services, installation, and support that’s tailored to your specific use case.

Simple Yet Extensible

Anode offers out of-the-box value. However, if your company requires a custom integration or sensors, it’s easily extensible and can be fitted to your needs, all whilst leveraging existing infrastructure and keeping costs low.

Learn How It Works

Installation of Anode involves installing sensors that measure metrics of interest, such as temperature, pressure, flow, or vibration, and connecting these sensors to the cloud through an Edge gateway.

Once installed, Anode sensors start sending telemetry to the gateway that is running Azure IoT Edge. This telemetry then gets relayed to the cloud for further processing, as well as fed to the on-site Edge instance of Azure Anomaly Detector. Anode “learns” what the normal operating thresholds for specific metrics are and determines if incoming readings can be considered anomalous. If it detects an anomaly, it follows rules that are set up by the customers for alerting (e.g. notify maintenance staff).

A one-time installation of the sensors and other hardware may usually be performed by people/partners of Codit or the sensor manufacturer. Codit also offers a variety of optional, pre-built modules, to help customers integrate this solution further. These modules can be leveraged by you to connect to your existing assets or systems and enhance anomaly detection workflows.

Solution Integration

Anode is built on top of Azure IoT Edge and integrates with the following Azure services:

  • Azure IoT Edge
  • Azure IoT Central
  • Azure Cognitive Services – Anomaly Detector and Metrics Advisor
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure API Management
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Event Hub
  • Azure Data Explorer
  • Azure Container Registry

How We Can Help

Codit is the prime partner for Azure Anode, which means you only have one call to make to get a turnkey proof-of-concept deployed at your facility. We have long-standing expertise in Microsoft Azure and leading-edge data intelligence applications. We bring it all together to help you bring your business to the next level. Please use the contact info below to get started.

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