Business Continuity During COVID-19 Developments

Codit maintains 100% of its service levels with pre-defined contingency plan. To hear more about the Codit family’s efforts and actions amidst COVID-19, see interview with Stijn Degrieck, CEO of Codit.

These are very trying times we are encountering, the likes of which we have never experienced in modern history. Governments in Europe and all over the world are taking stringent measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

These measures though have a great impact on companies and the economy at large. Companies are struggling to keep afloat. For many of these this is because they cannot continue offering their services to society. Think of all those high street retailers and restaurants.

Other companies are struggling because their service delivery partners are struggling to maintain their service levels. One doesn’t even want to imagine what will happen if hospitals, public services or supermarkets come to a grinding halt because of the simple fact that their service partners cannot deliver.

Maintaining our service

At Codit we are extremely proud that we are able to maintain 100% of our service levels to our customers during this crisis. We took the strict measure to close our offices across Europe and instruct our employees to work only on remote basis for our customers. Protecting the health of our employees and those of our customers is our primary concern. Now, 2 weeks after this decision has been taken, it is very reassuring that we have not experienced one hick-up in doing so.

Prevention is the best cure. The fact that we had a contingency plan already in place – for a scenario like this which we didn’t think would ever happen – combined with an already proven model to support customers remotely, through our Managed Services group, our nearshoring operations and the many projects in various countries which we support with virtual teams across many countries, allowed us to make this hard decision without any risk on business continuity for our customers.

Our current business model is proving very agile and by pooling our resources throughout Europe, we are actually experiencing an increase in our overall service levels. It is very satisfying that we have been able to support a number of our customers who struggled to get the resources necessary to keep their business going.

We can do the same for you

If you are experiencing challenges to get the critical resources to staff your projects, please reach out to us. We have the infrastructure and operations set up to support you. And we have a pool of over 150 talented consultants who are highly motivated to play their part and help in this crisis.

If you have any other urgent concerns or needs, then drop us a line below. We are dedicated to helping you.