IoT Meets 5G: Extended Azure Cloud, Expanded Options for Codit Customers

As Microsoft and Proximus bring together the power of the cloud with rapid, reliable connectivity, the collaboration further elevates Codit’s service offering with an even faster track to IoT and more options to run Azure solutions on the edge

Microsoft and Proximus’ new partnership aims to expand the innovation threshold of companies in Belgium and Luxembourg, increasing their capacity for IoT, real-time data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Extending the Microsoft Azure Cloud across the two countries, Intelligent Edge establishes speedy and seamless connectivity with the Azure data center through Proximus’ rapid 5G and fiber-optic networks. The collaboration allows companies’ full ecosystem of partners to build solutions on a ready-made infrastructure and enables them to develop innovative offerings from data analytics such as real-time parking updates in smart city scenarios and powerful AI capabilities like visual recognition.

For Codit customers, this combination translates into even faster development and flexible deployment with a quicker start for their cloud solutions and more control over where they will run.

“Infrastructure will now be a given,” says Sam Vanhoutte, Codit CTO, “with the strong foundation provided by this partnership, our team can get started building solutions immediately and offer even more flexibility for deployment. This means that we can develop solutions with innovative cloud capabilities  and each customer can run them wherever its business requires – running parts of the solution on the Edge, while the backbone of the solution can remain in the public cloud.

In Good Company: Your Complete Stack for Innovative Cloud Solutions

Together, Microsoft, Proximus, and Codit offer customers coverage across a full stack from public cloud to public network. And as both a long-standing Microsoft innovation partner and part of the Proximus Enterprise Business Unit, Codit’s unique expertise working with both companies positions us as an effective lighthouse partner building innovative Azure Cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, such as Storage Accounts, WebApps, and Azure IoT Edge, provide a comprehensive development and deployment environment for business applications. As a partner that has been leveraging Azure from the very first day, Codit has a strong foothold in helping customers leverage these services to unlock actionable insights through scalable, end-to-end solutions. And as an early leading provider of Azure IoT Edge services, our team has a long history of bringing business-enhancing cloud-native technologies to companies previously blocked from their benefits.

Our Competitive Edge in Azure IoT Solutions

Codit is already implementing Azure IoT Edge at a wide range of customers to address cloud limitations across a multitude of scenarios. Whether due to difficult-to-connect legacy devices, unreliable connectivity, latency and security issues, or demanding requirements for AI, many companies face roadblocks that prevent them from moving data to the cloud. With Azure IoT Edge, our team helps companies to overcome these challenges, establishing locally run solutions to accommodate their specific business needs while still reaping the benefits of cloud-powered analytics.

To tap into the data intelligence potential locked inside legacy equipment, Codit uses Azure IoT Edge to retrofit these brownfield devices,  connecting via their existing interface while bridging to the cloud backend for data analytics and reporting.

For organizations limited by intermittent or non-existent connectivity, such as logistics companies’ roaming vessels and remote assets in the agricultural and mining industries, we leverage Azure IoT Edge to ensure consistent data capture and synchronization. Through this edge computing solution, we enable a constant collection of data that is later automatically streamed to the centralized cloud.

Our team has also implemented Azure IoT Edge to help companies improve performance, increase security, and enhance experiences in their AI and interactive applications, keeping data close to the devices to protect sensitive information and reduce latency.

Sam Vanhoutte adds, “This collaboration between Microsoft and Proximus ensures that Azure services are always available in every way that customers need to use them. We are excited for all the groundbreaking, cloud-capable scenarios that this partnership enables for companies in these countries and the wider scope it provides for Codit to help our customers move forward with innovative data-driven solutions.



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