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Webinar: An Introduction to Microsoft Fabric

Does your organization want to streamline processes, harness the power of its data and/or overcome tricky technical hurdles? This webinar will equip you with the tools and insights you need to start with Microsoft Fabric.

19 Sep 2024

2024-09-19 11:45:00

Microsoft Fabric is an end-to-end data and analytics solution that simplifies and integrates various experiences across your data ecosystem. In this webinar, Codit’s Steven De Lausnay will demonstrate how Fabric provides a unified platform for all your data and analytics workloads.

Key topics

  • What is Microsoft Fabric? Discover how Fabric delivers an integrated and simplified experience for all data and analytics use cases.
  • Why Choose Microsoft Fabric? Learn about how Fabric provides scalability, efficiency, and tight integration with other Microsoft services.
  • Use cases. Gain insights and discover best practices through real-world use cases.

Whether you’re a data engineer, data scientist, business analyst, or business user, this webinar will show you how Microsoft Fabric can help make data work for your organization.

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