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Why You Need To Upgrade Your Azure API Management Services Now

In this webcast, join Codit in discovering how to navigate the migration to Azure API Management’s new platform version with ease.

18 Mar 2024

2024-03-18 14:45:00

Today’s dynamic cloud landscape is constantly evolving. As new services are added, old ones must be phased out and new features introduced.  

In this webcast, join Codit’s Azure Domain Lead, Massimo Crippa, to learn more about migrating your Azure API Management System to the new platform version, STv2. This migration must be complete by August 2024 for continued support and access to new features.  

In this webcast we covered best practices and shared essential considerations to ensure a smooth transition. 

What is covered:

  • Understanding the Urgency: Get insights into why migrating your Azure API Management Services to the new platform version before the deadline is crucial. 
  • A Practical Use Case: Dive into a sample application migration scenario to grasp the process better. 
  • Migration Paths and Impact Analysis: Explore the two main migration paths – in-place migration and parallel setup. We’ll break down the impact on users, solutions, and dependencies. 

 For a more technical read about the Azure API Management update, check out our blog post: Migrate APIM to Compute stv2 | Codit

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