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How would you like to keep your hands free to adapt to new and urgent business requirements? Rely on Codit Customer Care to keep your Azure-based IoT, Data & Analytics solutions operational at all times.

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Codit’s IoT and data platform provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, storing, and analyzing large datasets from IoT devices, with monitoring tools to ensure continuity and availability. It also includes maintenance, support, and security services for devices, edge solutions, cloud services, pipeline runs, data governance, and security risks, making it a reliable and cost-effective option for managing your IoT data. And if there are hiccups, you can rely on Codit’s Customer Care team to fix them, ensuring the continuity, improvement and availability of your data platform.

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Operational at all times

In an era of data-driven decision making, it is critical to have a reliable data and analytics platform that can collect, store, and process data in real-time. Our Customer Care team, comprised of Microsoft Certified Specialists, ensuring that data is delivered whenever it is generated, in order to aggregate, combine, and act upon the information. By placing the care and monitoring of your data and analytics solution to us, you can free up your time to work on profitable, strategic projects while we take care of the maintenance and support.

Our Service Level Agreement guarantees high availability (up to 24/7) and instant expertise, ensuring that your platform is operational at all times. Our experienced specialists can interpret alerts to identify issues before they arise, enabling them to take action quickly. With the latest industry knowledge and best practices, we can your solution to new business requirements, supporting your company’s agility and growth. Our Customer Care team monitors, maintains and adapts your Azure solution, ensuring that it is supported according to your needs. With Codit, you can rely on a reliable platform that supports your business’s growth and success.


  • Ensure continuity of your business operations and guarantee your SLA
  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure quality of service thanks to ITIL best practises
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Your delivery competence center

Codit’s Customer Care team of engineers is trained to understand your business needs and processes. They provide you with one central point of contact for integration platform support, change management, monitoring, reporting and continuous improvements:

Rely on Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists for full ownership support. We execute procedures after prior agreement with you. Our offering ranges from business hours to 24/7. There is no more need for you to invest in recruiting and training IT staff, freeing your valuable employees to work on strategic projects.

Allow your company to adapt quickly to new business requirements. Codit provides you with trained and experienced specialists that implement changes quickly and securely. They apply latest industry knowledge to minimize issues.

Your solution is monitored by high quality innovative tools. Specialists interpret data and take action before issues arise. We ensure fast response times by a combination of high availability (up to 24/7) and instant expertise.

Implementing strict Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensures the high standards of your IT services. Our SLA reporting helps organizations create, monitor and respond actively and proactively on SLA’s. Service Agreements can be validated against multiple performance, availability and traffic volume metrics.

Trust us to keep your solution in good hands and provide your customers with the best experience possible. Our Site Reliability Engineers use advanced monitoring tools to gain insights into performance, proactively proposing continuous improvements. They perform health checks, upgrades, trend analysis, and other activities to keep everything running smoothly.

Why Work With Us

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, our Certified specialists understand your business flows, their context, and their importance to your day to day operations. Our end-to-end offering combines build & run services based on ITIL methodology and multiple technologies, so that we can meet our customer’s specific needs.

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We organize our services so they are adapted to your needs, your budget and the required Service Level Agreement. We have a three-tiered approach, with our service components based on your business needs. This approach is pragmatic in different domains:

  • Fixed price or Time & Material pricing
  • Availability guarantee ranges from support during business hours up to 24/7
  • Not just a hotline: our lines are staffed by technical experts
  • Our team of engineers use internal knowledge transfer to ensure that everyone is familiar with your situation
  • Choose between different Customer Care models, providing you with the flexibility you need
  • Remote support

Tightly control your budget. Through cost efficient and qualitative support and fast rollout of changes, Codit Customer Care helps reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

A word from the client

“Codit’s connection to Microsoft is in line with how we work and which platforms in Azure we use, so overall it was a very good fit between the two companies.”

Rudi Vander Eyken Group IT Manager at Euronav

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