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Out-of-the-box Request Tracking, Simplified HTTP Correlation & JWT Authorization in Arcus Web API v1.0

We've shipped Arcus Web API v1.0 which brings a couple of new features. Come and take a look at what it has to offer!

1 Jul 2020

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Introducing Secret Store

Making secrets a first-class citizen in .NET Core

22 Jun 2020

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Duco is on a Mission to Improve Air Quality in the Home with IoT Driven Solutions

Discover how happy Codit customer Duco Ventilation & Sun Control is harnessing the power of the Azure cloud and IoT to make the world a better place.

18 Jun 2020

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Download the white paper "Azure IoT Edge"

Transforming Real-World Scenarios into Real-Time Insights and True Value

8 Jun 2020

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Measure a Variety of Azure Dependencies with Observability v0.2

With the release of Arcus Observability v0.2 our support for dependency tracking of Azure resources has greatly expanded. Come see what this new version has to offer.

2 Jun 2020

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On Your Mark: Understanding the Different Paces

In part three of our blog series about pace layered architecture, we'll be exploring the different paces that make up a pace layered architecture.

19 Mai 2020
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