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BizTalk FTP adapter: incorrectly identifying login error

Short blog post on Microsoft BizTalk Server incorrectly identifying an issue with the BizTalk FTP Adapter login.

One of our customers had just enabled a new FTP receive location after configuring it and kept getting “The username or password is incorrect” warnings in the Event Viewer which caused the receive location to disable after a while.

The obvious course of action was to re-enter the password and try again. After the obligatory turning it off and on again of both the Receive Location and even the Host Instances, the error remained.

We then enabled the logging on the FTP Receive Location (file logging feature) and after the next recycle we could see that the log contained the following lines:

< 220 TYPSoft FTP Server 1.11 ready…
> USER xxxx
< 331 Password required for MyUserName.
> PASS xxxx
< 530 Too Many Users Connected.

Even though the password is correct, BizTalk insisted the username or password was incorrect, presumably because it got a 530 code after it sent the PASS command to the server and assumed it was due to a login failure.

In short, what we learned today was that it’s a good idea to enable the FTP logging when you’re getting username / password failures, because the error could lead you to wrong conclusions.

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