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Microsoft BizTalk 2020 Mainstream Support Extension Announcement

If you are still running Microsoft BizTalk, we have gathered all useful information for you.

Microsoft has recently announced to extend BizTalk 2020’s Mainstream Support by four years. The original plan was to end mainstream support for the product in 2024. This date has now been pushed back until April 11, 2028. Extended Support has also been lengthened, to April 2030, up from January 2029. Also, the decision has a positive impact on Mainstream Support for Host Integration Server 2020, as it is a supplemental product to the Biztalk Server license.

Running on-premises integrations

If you are a customer running Microsoft BizTalk on-premises, this means that you can run your own BizTalk server for longer. You now have a longer period to plan your migration to an Azure cloud integration solution. It’s never too early to plan your migration!

Remember that while BizTalk support has been lengthened, Extended Support for Windows 2016 Server will still end in 2027. That’s three years before BizTalk reaches ‘End of Support’. Consider upgrading to Windows Server 2019.

As far as the Microsoft SQL Server database product is concerned, SQL Server 2019 has Extended Support until January 2030 (a few months before BizTalk Extended Support now ends)..

The future for BizTalk users

We understand that you may have questions like:

  • Can I still run BizTalk on-premises for many years?
  • Do I have to move to the cloud (eventually)?
  • Or is a hybrid integration solution right for me?

In the view of Codit, the support announcement does not really change the future of integrations. Although you have a longer time to prepare for a move to the cloud, this is where your integration will happen in the future.

If your organization does not yet have a roadmap for the replacement of BizTalk, an Azure integration migration assessment is the first step you should take. Codit’s integration and Azure experts will assess your entire integration ecosystem and recommend the best steps going forward.

Every organization and every situation is different. Working with Codit lets you benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience with cloud migration projects. There is still time. But starting a hybrid or cloud migration project is probably a good idea. And when you do, rest assured that you are in good hands. Codit has over 20 years of experience in integration and migration projects.


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