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Demo of Blockchain Tech is Now Live in Microsoft Tech Centres Across Europe

Codit’s ‘Transport and Logistics Fresh Goods Scenario’ is currently being demonstrated in Microsoft Technology Centres in Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. This demo showcases the benefits of immutable ledgers when combined to cutting edge technologies.

The Fresh Goods Scenario was first developed as an initiative with Microsoft. The aim was simple, to showcase how Blockchain technology can be used beyond cryptocurrencies, ico’s and mining. We explored how the underlying technology can be applied to different use cases for businesses. We discovered that smart contracts, consensus mechanisms and the inherent immutability of the ledger help us to take the technology into scenarios beyond simple transactions of payment.

Demo of our Blockchain Tech is Now Live in Microsoft Tech Centers Across the EU

The Fresh Goods Scenario is an example of track and trace which uses IoT, Blockchain, and more recently, AI. We developed a fully working proof-of-concept combining all these technologies in a food supply chain scenario. We translated the activities of shipping a product from farm to plate into a set of states and business rules – all governed by smart contracts. From the start of an order, a shipment will always be in a ‘state’, such as ‘prepared’ or ‘in transit’.

IoT Sensors help monitor the condition of the goods, such as temperature or number of shocks they receive while in transit, and can directly influence the state they are in.  

A recent addition to the demo was license plate recognition. The transporter carrying the goods from supplier to retailer must first have the vehicle’s license plate scanned and validated at the beginning of the transit process at the suppliers, to the end of the transit process at the retailers. If the license plates match then a green beacon lights up and part of the smart contract on the Blockchain is fulfilled.

A consortium can be set up whereby different stakeholders (suppliers, transporters, retailers) can join the Blockchain, view or validate transactions as well as set up new business rules in the form of smart contracts. The Blockchain not only creates an immutable ledger which streamlines business processes, it also fosters trust between all stakeholders.

Codit’s Fresh Goods Demo is currently being demonstrated in Microsoft Technology Centres in Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. It will also be available for viewing in the Microsoft Technology Centre in the United Kingdom in Q1 2019. It is also possible to request a demo in Zürich. 

Want more info on our Blockchain for IoT solutions? Read more here.

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