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Cloud Native Demystified

The new paradigm of software development - download the guide to understand how deploying Cloud Native can help your business to scale up.

There are many benefits to employing Cloud-Native architectures and applications. Not only do they deploy and scale up, but they also provide a better customer experience, causing little disruption with their non-intrusive improvements. This means that they are also easier to manage than traditional monolithic apps, as iterative improvements occur using agile and DevOps processes. It also allows your application to be advanced by AI, IoT, blockchain and other advanced technologies.

In this guide you will gain insights into:

The benefits of Cloud Native for businesses

Whether to make new applications or modernize existing ones

How to use Azure PaaS for Cloud Native development and containers

Common scenarios for Cloud Native applications

When to use Kubernetes or Azure Arc

How to deploy Microsoft Azure solutions

How Codit can help you to understand and implement Cloud Native

Download the Whitepaper today, or watch the one-minute video.

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