Discover How You Can Get Started with IoT in this eBook "Beyond the IoT Hype"

This eBook walks you through the steps on how to begin your IoT journey.

Unlocking the Value of Dynamics 365 through Integration

Learn how you can unlock the value of Dynamics 365 through integration for your organization.

IoT Field Gateways

How to connect to a cloud backend and why you may need an IoT field gateway.

Integrating BizTalk and Dynamics AX

This practically oriented white paper uses a demo project scenario to show how you can use BizTalk to integrate Dynamics AX. Read how to set up this integration and avoid major pitfalls.

Integration of Things

This white paper will show you why and how you can reuse existing integration concepts and practices to build great IoT solutions.

Maintaining Chain Integrity After Recovery

Disaster recovery should encompass the complete restoration process. Not only does the affected system need to be restored, the surrounding systems also need to be considered.

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