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Codit Customer Care: An Insight into our Customer Solution Monitoring

Ever wondered how Customer Care can help your company? Whether it’s due to a lack of specific in-house skills, a need for specialized help, or a lack of bandwidth in the IT department, our team can bring extra value to your organization. Two of our customers, Baloise and Euronav, testify to this below.


Baloise Insurance needed Codit’s help to guarantee the security of their customers’ data through a secure API Management platform and integration layer. Central to ensuring continuity and security was our Customer Care offering.

Codit has a 15-year history with Baloise that spans back to when the latter’s team was very small and their expertise limited. As they grew, we helped them to roadmap and implement an integration platform that would become a core part of the IT landscape, now offering up to 450 integration services. To ensure the security of their customer data, these services needed to be monitored and Codit was the trusted partner to do this.

The Codit integration dashboard is highly embedded in Baloise as a monitoring tool, used for developers building new code, for end-to-end testing, incident management, and for businesses to see how the flow works. Our Customer Care team monitors Baloise’s production environment, safeguarding the security of the data stored over the application which is encrypted by Baloise security. We also helped Baloise to increase its integration and monitoring skills so that it could start doing it in-house. This was achieved through both our experience and tooling knowledge. For example, our scom monitoring tool monitors the production environment and allows us to troubleshoot. This scom alerting allows real-time monitoring based on rules and alerts. We can also ensure we don’t miss anything through both start-of-day and end-of-day health checks.

For Baloise, our monitoring guarantees the essential need of an insurance company – a good customer experience – because it makes sure that the existing platform is stable, healthy, and proactive.

Baloise faces several challenges in the near future. The first is their move from Biztalk 2016 to Biztalk 2020, which will go live in mid-2023. This is a significant challenge due to the large size of their database. This applies to the migration, infrastructure, and security, as all firewalls need to be covered. The second challenge is the parallel move from an on-premises system to a new cloud-native integration platform. We are helping to roadmap this transition, which has a timeline of 5-6 years, including a period of hybridity.

We count on Codit’s out-of-the-box thinking…working together is not only delivering tasks to each other – it’s also having the correct mindset and culture. The Baloise way of working is important and we see a fit with how Codit works there.

Helmut De Paemeleere Product Owner at Baloise 


Crude oil carrier Euronav asked Codit’s assistance to connect the sensors on board their vessels to the cloud data repository.  The 24/7 monitoring of the solution is essential to capturing correct and complete data. Data collection is an essential part of helping them to improve their fleet’s efficiency and reach their net-zero emission targets by 2050.

Once the sensors are installed on the vessels, the data is transferred to the (cloud) data lake (through IoT) for reporting purposes. The main goals for Euronav right now are “fuel savings” and “reducing emission”. Furthermore, Euronav can monitor and improve the performance and efficiency of all vessels. In close cooperation with the officers on board, Euronav find means to reduce the operational costs.

One of the main success factors in this process is the 24/7 monitoring of the sensor data. This is where Codit comes in, working in a real partnership with Euronav to create and manage the IoT networks for each of the vessels in the fleet.

A stable VSAT connection from vessels to shore is a current challenge. The IoT system has to be robust enough to ensure good data exchange and security. At Codit, our role is to ensure a level of functionality to keep the data constantly transferred. We also support vessels constantly and anticipate on issues, as well as consider optimization where needed. The solution uses Azure Service Bus to communicate with the vessel. Azure Monitor and Container Insights are used to collect logs and use them for alerts if things go wrong. Pipeline technology is used to broadcast new installations to vessels, pushing releases directly whilst also supporting installations onboard.

Workshops and regular meetings between our Customer Care team and Euronav ensure an ongoing quality of service and constant optimization.

Codit’s connection to Microsoft is in line with how we work and which platforms in Azure we use, so overall it was a very good fit between the two companies.

Rudi Vander Eyken Group IT Manager at Euronav 

Our Customer Care team has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft that can greatly benefit your organization. Whether it is our knowledge of Azure, our expertise in IoT, or our hands-on attitude, we can help you to maximise value and work efficiently.

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