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Connections come full circle across the globe as our #summITup adventure continues.

As leading specialists in Azure technologies and integration solutions, we're used to forging into new digital frontiers; now, two of our team members take us to what was once called the “last frontier.” Read how our referral program helped two friends come together as colleagues and continue their journey (both figurative and literal) with a trip to a surprising summer spot: Alaska.

Connecting Our Network to Do Our Best Work

Codit’s mission is built on the understanding that “connecting is everything”. We base all that we do on this foundational belief. In our daily work, our team puts this principle into practice, connecting our customers to innovative solutions that transform their businesses and, in turn, connect them more effectively to their customers, analytic data, critical processes, and profitable business opportunities. On a bigger scale, we live this motto through how we value our network – bringing together the right talent to help our customers advance in their journeys as well as move our own company to its next level.

There’s an expression that says “It’s not about what you know but who you know” to get you where you want to go. For our team at Codit, it’s all about, well, both. We recognize that our employees – who work to provide the right integration solutions for our customers – are also an excellent resource for procuring the right people to integrate into our company. That’s the idea behind our employee referral program, which looks to our talented coworkers to help grow our team, linking what they know about the field and job requirements with who they know as a potential good fit. The program is simple: Team members can refer potential candidates from their network for new job positions, and if their referral is the right fit, they receive a travel cheque.

Buddies and Business Consultants

One of our team members recently benefited from the referral incentive program, making the connection between the talent his team hoped to acquire and a personal acquaintance of his own.

Since 2016 Nicolas, Business Consultant for Codit Belgium, has been working closely with clients to transform their business processes for optimal performance. Juggling business modelling techniques with a keen knowledge of integration, SOA, and cloud solutions. Suffice to say that he knows the business pretty well. So when his team was looking for a new Senior Consultant, Nicolas understood exactly what profile would fill the position best. Knowing his longtime friend Robbie for over 20 years and having seen all of his achievements since their first year at university together, Nicolas referred him as a great fit for the role.

Nicolas correctly assessed the situation (no surprise there – he is a Codit consultant after all 😃). After standing out during the interview process, Robbie was hired at the beginning of this year. The two have been working side by side driving digital change for customers ever since.

Going from Acquaintances to Associates to … Alaska

Nicolas and Robbie’s friendship has brought them a long way together, but this summer it’s taken them even farther … over 7000 km across the globe. Three weeks ago, the two took a hard-earned break and headed out with their partners for a dream vacation in Alaska.

As the northern-most territory of the US, Alaska’s state motto is “North to the future.” We’d like to say that the Consultants chose this destination because its spirit of expedition echoes Codit’s mastery of the latest Microsoft technologies, forward-looking solutions, and mission to future-proof our customers’ companies, but we can understand if it was more for the breathtaking scenery and extraordinary experiences😉.

For nearly a month, the group trekked across the remarkable terrain, encountering inspiring landscapes and, apparently, interesting locals.

Nicolas and Robbie returned home with more than a few memories and stories to share, which can only serve to motivate them for future adventures.

Follow along with us as we #summITup!

From a journey back in time to the voyage of a lifetime, summer fun keeps rolling along in our #summITup series. Think you know where we’re headed now? Wanna bet? Check back next week for nightlife, bright lights and (hopefully) a bit of luck on our Las Vegas trip that’s sure to “Inspire”.

Plus, catch up on all of our #Codit summer adventures here.

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