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The Future of Integration: Apply the Right Pace to the Right Place

Upgrading your business doesn’t have to mean uprooting your backend. Learn how to evolve your customer-facing services even with a dinosaur mainframe under the hood. In this Codit Guide, you'll discover the advantages of pace layered architecture and what foundations you need in place to be successful.

Today’s businesses are racing to reach expanding objectives, jumping over hurdles of innovative technologies and trendy buzzwords. But the reality is that there can be no blockchain, AI, or other future-looking advancements to your company’s operations without solid, time-tested integration and API strategies. Technology might be moving us to new milestones, but the first step to success hasn’t changed: There can be no data intelligence without data. There can be no data without data integration.

In this guide, you will discover the fundamentals of setting up a pace layered data integration architecture, and how you can future proof your integration solution so that it continues to evolve as your business and technology evolves.

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