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Highlights from Integrate 2024

We’re back from Integrate 2024, and we're excited to share some of the key takeaways and announcements from the annual event.

Unified Monitoring and Business Process Tracking

One of the most significant updates from Integrate is the introduction of Unified Monitoring and Business Process Tracking for Azure Integration Services. This new capability enhances the monitoring experience, allowing you to keep a close eye on Azure Logic Apps, Azure API Management, and other integration services all in one place.

For a detailed overview, check out the official announcement here.

Implementing Mission Critical Solutions with the Azure Logic Apps Rules Engine

Another major highlight was the session on implementing mission-critical solutions using the Azure Logic Apps Rules Engine. This powerful tool enables complex business logic and decision-making processes to be seamlessly integrated into your workflows, ensuring robust and reliable solutions.

Learn more about how you can leverage this engine in your projects here.

Azure OpenAI and Azure AI Search Connectors Now Generally Available (GA)

Great news for AI enthusiasts! The Azure OpenAI and Azure AI Search connectors have reached General Availability (GA). These connectors will significantly enhance your AI capabilities, providing powerful tools for integrating advanced AI functionalities into your applications.

Dive into the details of this announcement here.

Introducing .NET C# Inline Action for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) – Preview

We were excited to preview .NET C# Inline Action for Azure Logic Apps (Standard). This new feature allows developers to write and execute C# code directly within Logic Apps, providing greater flexibility and control over workflows.

For more information on this preview, view the announcement here.

Focus on Logic App Standard

As you might have noticed, Logic App Standard was a focal point for many of these new functionalities. The enhancements and new features are designed to provide a more streamlined and efficient experience for developers working with Logic Apps.

The Rule Engine

You might recognize the Rules Engine, now in public preview, from the BizTalk days. Our team was involved with the private preview, and while opinions may vary, it’s interesting to see how this tool has evolved.


Integrate 2024 was packed with exciting announcements and updates, reinforcing Azure Integration Services’ position as a leader in the field. We’re eager to see how these new capabilities will empower you to build more efficient, scalable, and intelligent solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to share your thoughts on these new features!

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