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International Women's Day: Celebrating our Women in Tech

This International Women's Day, we want to celebrate Codit's women in tech across our eight countries

Two of Codit’s core values are Respect and All Together

To us, this means an inclusive working environment where people and ideas are respected and listened to, regardless of gender, sex, ethnicity, religion, and much more.

In tech more broadly, however, the gender divide is still prevalent. For example:

  • In 2021, only about 25% of jobs in technology were held by women.
  • In 2020, women only held 25% of professional computing jobs. 
  • Recent research shows that women hold less than 20% of all leadership positions in technology.
  • Only 37% of tech startups have at least one woman on the board of directors.

CEO of Codit, Stijn Degrieck, says: “As a man, I feel that it’s not right that in 2022 we still need to emphasize the importance of diversity in the workplace, and in society at large. On a daily basis I feel the energy that comes with women and men working together. It’s a pleasure to have the diversity of different genders typically approaching things from different angles, which enriches the discussion and helps us to think outside the box. I hope that one day… we no longer need to put it on the agenda… but it is just reality.”

At Codit, we want to be part of the move to diversify our workforce and to offer everyone the same chances. 

Below, you can meet some of Codit’s tech power women – what they do, what inspires them, and how Codit is helping them to thrive.


“I’m Krista, I have been part of the tech world for 5 years. Finding solutions and making use of new technologies has always been something that I found interesting so I decided to focus my studies on Software Development. In 2020 I joined Codit Malta as an Azure Developer. I work with our clients to provide a cloud-based solution that best fits their needs. At Codit I’m constantly encouraged to invest in my skills and I’m given the opportunity to work on various projects. I’m grateful to be working with such welcoming and supportive colleagues 😊”



“In my five years at Codit I went from a Trainee, to Engineer and currently I am a Service Delivery Manager for Codit Netherlands. The support I received from the team is one of the major factors that allowed me to grow so much, and I am not planning on stopping any time soon. Knowing colleagues have your back, combined with the general willingness to cooperate makes Codit a safe environment to make mistakes, learn from them and overcome obstacles together.”



“My job as an Azure Integration Consultant doesn’t just focus on the technical side – you have to understand the functional side as well. As a consultant, it’s also important to create and maintain a good relationship with your clients, which is a social aspect of the job that I love! At the end of the day, if the client is happy, I’m happy. At Codit, I don’t feel like being a woman affects me a lot, even though this is a male-dominated field. I feel respected and listened to whenever I voice an opinion or raise a concern, and Codit’s core value of “Respect all ways, always” really shows! No matter your race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, you are welcomed and treated with respect.”



“I work as a Managed Services Engineer within Codit Belgium. We are the bridge between the business and the backend, responsible for continuous improvements of the ongoing business flows and the first point of contact in case of emergencies. I am also a people lead, responsible for coaching team members where needed.

As a woman at Codit, I love that decisions are never made based on gender – we all have an equal chance. This is how it should be, but is very different to what I experienced at school. I also love our ‘Grl PwR @ Codit’ Whatsapp group, where we schedule plans, and celebrate and encourage each other!”



“I can’t say me joining the tech world was planned, or that it was an easy, comfortable road. But I seized opportunities along the way, learned lessons as I grew, and had people continuing to believe in me and support me. August 2021, I joined Codit Belgium as Service Delivery Manager. Here, I get the opportunity to have big corporates from all over the world as my clients. I learned to focus on how to improve as a team and personally, and I feel supported by my awesome female and male colleagues, who make it a really fun place to work. Tech is still a man’s world? Maybe, but we can fix it 😉”



“My name is Jana and I am the accountant for our Belgian Codit entities, alongside our UK and Swiss entities. My job is to make sure all revenue and costs are correctly registered in the books. Also, to make sure everyone receives their paycheck on time! Both the IT sector and finance in general are often perceived as male industries. This is not the case at Codit, where I feel greatly supported, more so because our CFO is a fellow power woman. Codit really goes to great lengths to make sure every employee feels appreciated, supported and included. I’m glad I got to experience this over the last two years and I’m sure, for many years to come.”



“My name is Tânia Oliveira, and I work as a Solutions Architect at Codit Portugal. I like to research and use new technologies to have a broader view of possible solutions to the different problems that arise in an architect’s day-to-day life. I’m focused on Microsoft Technologies, mainly Azure, and as a solutions architect I work every day to help our customers to improve processes, efficiently and effectively, designing the best software solutions for their business challenges.”



“Hi, I’m Perrine and I’m a Developer at Codit Belgium. I am working on Data and IoT projects and I am also involved as an AI practitioner. As a woman at Codit, I feel I can be myself and be creative in what I do. At Codit we are all equal and we are one big family.”



“I’m Cristina and I have been working in tech for more than 20 years. I like tech because it forces you to challenge yourself. For me, tech is the most dynamic and constantly changing craft and that’s exciting. Tech jobs allow us to work with all kinds of people and across multiple countries and cultures and it requires openness, creativity, and tenaciousness. As a woman at Codit, I feel surrounded by people who support me, because I can participate in complex projects without any difference in treatment or discrimination.”



“I’m Enza and I’m General Manager of Managed Services, based in Codit Belgium. I love tech because it encourages me to think of new things and see new possibilities. Technology helps me to organize my life and work better. I love tech at Codit because it’s ever-changing and there are no dull moments. I think there’s also a continuous learning culture, as well as a diverse range of customers. Within Managed Services, we get to support all kinds of organizations while they achieve remarkable things.”

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