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Webinar Recap: Azure IPaaS - Integration Evolved

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a webinar on Logic Apps, BizTalk and the Enterprise Integration pack. This blogpost will give you a small recap and invite you to take the next steps in the Azure IPaaS platform.

Integration has traditionally been all about ESB’s, MessageBrokers and the exchange of messages between on-premises systems. Today, many companies wish to integrate beyond their firewall, typically with SaaS based application. This change is reflected in the uplift of API based integration using lightweight protocols.

What we really talk about here is modern integration where both Logic Apps, BizTalk and the Enterprise Integration Pack will play a major role. All of the above components allow you to enable and deliver powerful hybrid connectivity with ease.

This webinar I did a couple of weeks ago will give you a overview of Logic Apps and the Enterprise Integration Pack. ‘How does it work’, ‘How is it Made’ and ‘How does it all fit together’? Just a couple of questions you will find the answer to in the video below.

Next Steps

At Codit we are heavily investing in building best-practices, approaches and lessons learned when it comes to Logic Apps. All these resources are collected on this blog. So I invite you to scroll through these sections and have a more in-depth overview of all the posibilities of Logic Apps and Enterprise Integration in the cloud.

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