Data Connectivity Suite for Vessels

Streamline communications, cut costs, keep an eye on operations and monitor your vessels, wherever they are. Make the best use of your data and gain insights to accelerate your business.

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Your vessels can tell you how to increase fleet performance, reduce costs and improve operations.  What you need is the right solution to unlock and leverage the information that’s already there. See how smart your ships can be and transform their valuable data into visibility. Gain cost-saving business efficiencies, with the power of the cloud, anywhere in the world.

Advanced Fleet Insights, From Anywhere

Wouldn’t you like to monitor vessels more closely and manage them more effectively with a seamless view of fuel consumption, route safety concerns and technical needs?  Our Data Connectivity Suite for Vessels enables you to tap into the growing advantages of IoT. Don’t just connect to your ships’ data, but consistently capitalize on it. This cost-effective, custom-built solution makes the invisible visible. The result: data-driven business enhancement.



No matter where your vessels sail, you never have to be out of touch on the issues that impact your operations – or out of time to resolve them. The Data Connectivity Suite for Vessels breaks down the barriers to data intelligence in remote and roaming ships. It optimizes times of connectivity and provides actionable insights for enhancing your operations.

Increased Fleet Performance

Track data directly from the engine and fuel rooms. Quickly leverage it for on-vessel improvements.

Improved overall operations

Transform vessel location and events into actionable insights on route optimization and fuel consumption.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce technical downtime and react ahead of equipment repair needs with an in-depth view of your vessels’ technical status – ahead of time.

Centralized Remote Monitoring

Eliminate blind spots and stay informed on all vessels, all the time through a reliable and real-time flow of how ships are operating, irrespective of their position.

Vessel-to-Shore Communication

Ensure ship-to-shore alignment and increase collaboration through timely and transparent communication, trading in manual reporting for more efficient automatic updates.

EMSA Runs a Tight Ship with Azure-Based Maritime Data Platform

Read how the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) augmented its maritime monitoring with the Data Connectivity Suite for Vessels. The cloud-native platform delivers accurate position data of ships and storage, allowing more relevant views to end-users.

Cloud-Powered Visibility, Customized for Vessels

Data Connectivity Suite for Vessels is built for the real-world challenges of managing vessels – where regular disconnections are the rule rather than the exception.  The solution leverages edge intelligence and machine learning to keep you informed and keep your business moving forward.

Learn how it works
  • Continuous data capture through Azure IoT Edge connectivity: The solution immediately utilizes data locally. It is also stored for streaming into the cloud whenever there is good connectivity.
  • Cost-effective, time-efficient updates with smart synchronization: the solution prioritizes important updates and syncing of critical data. Larger updates are only performed when connections are stable.
  • Data-driven insights through the cloud: Even when disconnected, the solution runs advanced AI analytics at the edge to provide uninterrupted insights and inform timely decisions.
  • Seamless system integration and real-time monitoring: The solution can push notifications and alerts into your existing workflow through on-premises SCADA systems. This ensures prompt responses to issues or anomalies.
  • Extended coverage through ongoing support: Codit provides end-to-end support to help monitor and resolve issues on any vessel, in any location, 24/7.

Expertise in Microsoft Azure; Experience in Maritime Solutions

Enabling IoT in a wide range of remote and roaming assets has enabled us to help various maritime businesses implement real-time management solutions for their operations challenges.

We have a long-standing expertise in Microsoft Azure and leading-edge data intelligence applications. We bring it all together to help you bring your business to the next level.

How we can help

Codit offers a complete end-to-end service, combining our expertise in data integration and cloud-native technologies with our experience in leveraging it through advanced data intelligence solutions

We are the leading Azure integration partner for Microsoft in Europe, adding significant value to your data projects. Our project methodology has been proven successful in hundreds of projects. We work in close collaboration with you to help you achieve your goals within the given time and budget.

Not only do we design and build the solution, but we offer a managed service to support this solution —monitoring and resolving issues even before they arise. Once your solution is up and running, we continue our support for your solution 24/7, for all services and per vessel.

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