Homefashion Group Optimizes Supply Chain For Better Customer Service

Codit helped Homefashion Group to reshape its retail services through a modernized Azure Integration Platform

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Homefashion Group, a parent company of Kwantum and Leen Bakker, is leading the way in the rapidly-evolving retail landscape with its strong focus on digital transformation. Operating in the Netherlands and Belgium, it has over 280 stores and 4,200 employees, catering to both physical and online shoppers.

Kwantum specializes in window and floor solutions, while Leen Bakker focuses on sofas and sleeping solutions. Their commitment to digitalization is central to their strategy, aiming to enhance efficiency, logistics, and customer satisfaction.

A major step in the digital journey involved unifying IT systems between Kwantum and Leen Bakker. They streamlined applications, prioritizing communication between systems. Microsoft Dynamics and Azure played pivotal roles, providing a robust foundation for their digital transformation. Codit’s expertise was instrumental in designing and implementing these integrations, ensuring seamless operation.

This transformation has resulted in enhanced customer service, with reduced call handling times and improved quality through CRM solutions and AI technologies. Additionally, they have shown their commitment to sustainability in their innovative transport management system, which has reduced carbon emissions and costs.

Homefashion Group’s strategic approach to technology, backed by Microsoft Azure and supported by Codit, is revolutionizing the industry, demonstrating the power of forward-thinking in reshaping retail and elevating customer experiences.

Want to read about how Codit previously helped Homefashion Group with a transformative hybrid Microsoft Azure integration solution? Check out the story here. 

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