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Forward thinking businesses know that AI is a critical component for a true digital transformation. Organizations across the globe are using AI to engage customers, enable employees, optimize operations and transform products and services.

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Harness the power of AI to innovate, accelerate and gain that extra edge. With AI you’ll be able to leap into action on the data that you’ve gained valuable insights on and revolutionize the way you do business. Codit works with AI in the cloud, at the edge and on-premise solutions, no matter where you are – we’re there to help you.

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Codit’s trailblazing AI solutions are revolutionizing how business is done. Leading brands are harnessing the power of AI to engage customers, support their employees, optimize operations, and transform their products.

  • Engaging customers by empowering customer service agents with the right data at the right time, customized experiences, and through customer analytics.
  • Enabling employees by increasing productivity, business data differentiation, and organizational knowledge.
  • Optimizing operations with intelligent predictions, operational efficiency and deep insights
  • Transforming products or apps through product innovation, differentiated experiences and new scenarios


  • Measure, analyze, predict and automate
  • Innovate, accelerate and gain that extra edge
  • Get started quickly with AI thanks to Codit’s tried and true methodology
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We believe that AI is the next logical piece of the puzzle in digital transformation for businesses.

You’re guaranteed an accelerated time to value with Codit’s methodology. We believe in a holistic approach where we guide you through designing, building and testing your AI solution. Your team will be actively involved in this phase so that when your AI solution is ready, we can guarantee a smooth handover.

Want to see what AI can do for your organization? Codit offers an AI Design Experience, where you can easily harness the power of AI to see for yourself the benefits it can have for your organization.

Why Codit

Codit has more than 20 years’ experience connecting data for organizations globally, data integration is the foundation upon which AI is built. We approach each project pragmatically and we offer all our customers a customized end-to-end process where we design, build and run your AI solution.

Codit’s AI solutions are backed by the best-of-breed infrastructure, powered by Microsoft Azure, which our team of Microsoft certified experts custom build for your project. We ensure there is no vendor lock-in, so you still maintain maximum freedom and flexibility over your solution.

We leverage industry proven open source technologies that can be deployed everywhere, cross platform, to give you maximum flexibility.

We use the latest technology including: Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Lake, Python language for Machine and Deep learning, Azure Data Bricks, Cognitive Services, Bot Framework.

We have a rich experience connecting data, and breaking data silos for businesses across the globe. In fact, we have helped over 500 organizations integrate their data which is the first fundamental step towards the endpoint of AI.

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