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Mohawk Industries Solidifies its Position as Market Leader by Making Data Mobile

Mohawk Industries uses API Management to gain a 360° view across their entire global operation. Employees now have access to the right data when they need it most.

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Executive summary

Mohawk Industries boosts productivity and increases transparency by using API Management solution Sentinet to securely give employees access to data on mobile devices. Employees can now process sales orders and handle complaints, in real-time, no matter their location or device.

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Mohawk Industries has acquired more than 18 companies globally in its 22-year history and successfully surmounted the challenge of consolidating all their legacy systems. The next step they wanted to take was unleash data so that employees had access to pertinent information and systems on their mobile devices. Mohawk lacked the expertise needed to do this. They sought out Codit – experts in all things integration – for help.

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Mohawk Industries have been using an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to integrate a huge variety of back-end technologies such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and IBM.
But they still needed to find a way to securely give employees, such as sales people, access to these systems via mobile devices. This strategy would boost productivity, enhance transparency across the entire global operation, and streamline business processes.

They realized they lacked the necessary know-how to implement such a project. Mohawk decided to find a partner who would not only recommend the best software to use, but also train the entire team on it. Codit fit this bill.


Codit recommended that Mohawk use Nevatech’s Sentinet — a lightweight, feature-rich product. Sentinet fits perfectly with Mohawk’s Microsoft-based ESB architecture. Within five weeks, the Mohawk team received training, ran tests, and went into production.

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After an intensive 1-day training program provided by Codit, Sentinet was installed and Mohawk ran tests within the organization. In less than 3 weeks, Mohawk had a Proof of Concept and had performed low latency tests. Sentinet was in full production within 5 weeks.

“Our team adds new services every day. We can’t imagine working without Sentinet, it’s essential,” says Hans Valcke, Integration CoE Lead/Application Director, Mohawk. What started with 1 service grew to become more than 400 services.


Thanks to Codit’s intensive training and expertise, Mohawk can now use Sentinet to reach their business goal of making their data securely available to employees on their mobile devices. The resulting mobile apps are used for sales orders and complaints management — with many more services in the pipeline.

“Sentinet offers enormous advantages in the world of mobility,” says Hans Valcke, “we’re able to make optimal use of our data and make this data available on mobile applications.”

A word from the client

“With Codit’s help we’ve raised the quality of our services and reduced development cycles.”

Hans Valcke Integration CoE Lead and Application Director, Mohawk Industries

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