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Building and managing APIs is often considered as challenging. Yet the secret lies in implementing a flexible API management platform and getting people on board. With a proven track-record in setting up successful API programs, Codit guides you through.

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With the tremendous rise in API usage, the API ecosystem easily becomes too complex. To reap benefits like data sharing, monetization and new B2B communication models, you want to stay in full control. Our experts help you implement a future-proof solution quickly for secure and scalable API management. Our proven project methodology allows for significant cost optimization and solution scalability. We also help you introduce new skills and procedures to align people. By choosing Codit Customer Care, you gain a trusted partner for continued support into the future.

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Dealing with the complexity of your API ecosystem

As quickly as the API market booms, evenly quickly you get exposed to new industry challenges and responsibilities when it comes to APIs:

  • How to allow secure data access?
  • How to analyze an API’s consumption?
  • How to create scalable APIs?
  • How to rapidly release and update APIs?
  • How to engage developers?

Enter API management solution

API management solutions allow you to quickly expose and consume APIs in the cloud. Because poor user experience, low engagement or lack of version control and documentation may quickly lurk, adopting an API management solution is key to API success. It enables you to build a connected enterprise where data, applications and other assets are securely bridged across the organization’s boundaries. On the business level, API management platforms allow for innovation and new sources of revenue and drive additional value to all stakeholders.

Codit has a clear vision on implementing API management. We specialize in solutions using Microsoft Azure and Nevatech Sentinet.

Enter new skills

Equally important are the people involved: alignment is fundamental to get your API Program at work. Everyone should be aboard learning new skills. New procedures are to be introduced. Codit’s expertise helps you get there.


  • Fast results
  • Scalable and modular approach
  • Solid solution design
  • Proven quality standards
  • Cost optimization
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How our methodology benefits you

Fast results

Our methodology is built on years of experience in project delivery and guarantees results.

If required, Codit will create awareness and provide knowledge by training your own team in subjects like APIs, API management and cloud technology.

Proven quality standards

During the build phase, we apply in-depth knowledge of API management solutions like Microsoft Azure and Nevatech Sentinet.

Cost optimization

Common pitfalls and ‘reinventing the wheel’ are avoided by using tools that reduce implementation and testing time and apply best practices.

Deep knowledge of Azure allows us to choose the optimal billing model.

Choosing Managed Services department ensures cost optimization during the long-term management and maintenance of your solution.

Why work with us

API management platforms represent a highly specialized field. Avoid issues and realize faster time-to-market by employing a specialist in this field.

Codit is an official partner for Microsoft Azure and Nevatech Sentinet, giving you the choice between two of the best API management solutions.

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How we do it

API management platforms represent a highly specialized field. Avoid issues and realize faster time-to-market by employing a specialist in this field. Codit specializes in API solutions using Microsoft Azure and Nevatech Sentinet.

Codit is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2007. We use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for business integration, architecture and build of IT solutions, Internet of Things and API management. When we build your API management solutions in Azure, we use components such as the Publisher portal for lifecycle management, the Developer portal for introducing consumers to your APIs, Analytics to provide insights into health and usage levels and to identify key trends, and various tools to ensure security.

By leveraging the power of the Azure platform, Codit ensures that your APIs can be used across multiple regions and are responsive and scalable. Managed Services are available to allow you to focus on your business while we take care of the technology.

Discover how Baloise Insurance securely opened data and services to customers and partners.

Codit is also a Consulting Partner and Reseller of Sentinet, Nevatech’s SOA management and service virtualization platform. This specialized product really requires an experienced partner to reap the full benefits.

Read here how Brussels Airlines uses Sentinet API Management to manage all APIs centrally, taking care of security, monitoring, tracing, version management and analysis.

A word from the client

“The implementation of Sentinet was such a success that we decided to double the footprints of our Sentinet nodes and will continue to leverage on all the advantages of integrating all our backends.”

Olivier Plaitin, Head of IT, Brussels Airlines

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