Edwin Kennedy Joins Codit Netherlands as General Manager

In the role, Edwin aims to transform the position of Codit Netherlands throughout Europe.

Codit is pleased to announce the appointment of Edwin Kennedy as General Manager in The Netherlands.   

With an extensive background in growth, sales and IT from international companies such as NorthC Datacenters, Sentia (part of Accenture) and HCLTech, Edwin has worked in cloud technology for over 15 years.   

Edwin’s vision for Codit Netherlands includes three major areas. First, he wants to help provide a workplace where people love to work and want to stay. Second, he aims to make Codit a relevant partner for Microsoft in the Netherlands. This will involve making them an Azure Solutions partner, and focusing on Application Integration, Application Innovation and IoT, Data platforms & Analytics solutions to help drive customer’s digital transformation. This brings us to the third area: Edwin wants the office to guide customers through their digital transformation journey with a portfolio of solutions, allowing them to keep up with new trends and technologies.  

“I am thrilled to be joining as Codit Netherland’s General Manager,” says Edwin. “Codit Netherlands is in a position to embark on new horizons. As a fresh and forward-thinking organization with both a reliable foundation and a lot of untapped potential, I’m looking forward to working with the team to help our customers win in their markets, through innovation and transformation.”  

Codit’s CEO, Stijn Degrieck says “I’m very happy to have found the kind of leader Codit was looking for in Edwin. With his focus on both people and customers, he is in the right position to steer Codit Netherlands towards sustainable Cloud-Native growth”.  

Codit is delighted to have Edwin on board and shares his vision of being a relevant partner for Microsoft in the Netherlands. We anticipate Edwin’s valuable contributions to the Codit work environment, as he strives to forge strong connections with our clients by offering exceptional service and the best possible talent.  

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