At Codit, we specialize in data and processes to enhance logistics operations. Whether it’s optimizing cargo bookings for Cargolux, streamlining Van Gelder’s supply chain or reducing Euronav’s carbon footprint, our expertise enables data utilization for operational excellence and innovation, delivering tangible benefits.

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  • Our Approach
  • The Data Journey
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Making your data work within the logistics landscape comes with many challenges:

Data silos due to Complex Supply Chains

When data is scattered among different departments or systems, it becomes hard to combine and reconcile data. This reduces clarity and affects decision-making, especially when supply chains become more complex.

Legacy Systems

Older legacy systems and applications prevent the integration of modern digital solutions, causing challenges in security, scalability and the adoption of new innovative technologies.

Data Quality leading to Cost Pressures

Making sure the data is reliable and correct is crucial for making informed decisions. Low data quality can cause mistakes and untrustworthy insights, raising operational costs and lowering efficiency.

Real-Time Visibility

Getting real-time visibility throughout the whole supply chain is still a major challenge, resulting in delays, inefficiencies, and higher costs.

Our Approach

Logistics at Codit involves helping you to get the best possible value out of your data. We lead you towards achieving data maturity, optimizing operations, enhancing productivity, fostering innovation, streamlining processes, meeting customer demands, ensuring compliance, and maintaining a competitive edge in the market within the logistical landscape. With our expertise, you can direct your focus on your business objectives while we address your logistical data challenges, steering you towards heightened efficiency and success.

The Data Journey

  • Connecting Data

Codit integrates disparate data sources to enable data-driven decision-making and operational excellence for logistics companies. Read how we helped Vervaeke to integrate software applications supporting its operations using Microsoft Azure.

  • Using Data

By harnessing Azure Integration Services, read how Codit empowered Cargolux to optimize operations through leveraging data. Processing over 100,000 messages daily, our solution ensured seamless integration and real-time data analysis, while the API layer enhanced customer bookings, boosting efficiency and satisfaction.

  • Analyzing Data

Codit’s advanced analytics capabilities empower organizations with predictive insights and proactive strategies, turning data into a strategic asset for operational enhancement. Our work with Euronav involved implementing an IoT solution aimed at connecting vessels to shore. Through features like security monitoring, tracing, version control, and analytics, Euronav can now effectively monitor system health, extract valuable insights, and manage system updates, driving efficiency improvements and reducing carbon emissions.

Resource Library

Explore our in-depth analyses and expert perspectives on the latest trends shaping the logistics industry.

Next Steps?

Contact us to chat about how Codit can help your logistics organization. Whether it’s organizing an individual workshop, attending a webinar or just stopping by for a coffee, let’s connect.

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