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By combining the physical and the digital world, you can add value to your business. Internet of Things allows you to gain valuable insights. Take advantage of this massive opportunity. Kickstart your IoT now with Codit.

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IoT is a game changer, and it is time to take up the challenge while steering clear of technical challenges. You need to connect your devices and collect their valuable data. Let Codit design, build and run your IoT architecture while you focus on creating value.

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How to get started with IoT

We’re sure that you have some excellent ideas how the Internet of Things could revolutionize your company. Codit helps to realize your ideas with our expertise on:

  • Connecting your systems and devices to the cloud without giving in on security, performance and flexibility.
  • Intelligently capturing, aggregating and securing information from your devices.
  • Using Big Data and analytics to make informed business decisions.
  • Automating your business based on statistics and predictions.


  • Get started quickly and easily with IoT
  • Obtain a platform that is secure and open to extensibility
  • Measure, analyze, predict and automate
  • Gain deeper insights and step ahead of your competitors

Why work with us

Codit is the leading Azure integration partner for Microsoft in Europe, adding significant value to your IoT projects. Our project methodology has been proven successful in hundreds of projects. Revolutionary tools like Nebulus™ provide an IoT kickstart through out-of-the box connectivity for many standard protocols. Operating and management cost can be brought down by using Codit’s Customer Care.

Work with our experienced and motivated teams and get the highest standards.

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IoT is not a matter of hooking things up to the internet, but a field of expertise that requires knowledge of IT architecture, cloud and database technology, and integration. Codit has that expertise.

To design and build your IoT solution, we make smart use of our own tools, components and proven project methodology. As a Microsoft partner, we understand Azure technology like no other. This allows us to speed up delivery and future-proof your project. We also partner with IoT enablers such as Sigfox.

Use our help in areas such as data capture and transmission, storage, data integration and analytics. For instance, adding historical data from third parties to your telemetry data can add valuable meaning.

When you are ready to take up the IoT challenge, we will hand you the tools to start predicting the future. Our products, services and areas of expertise include:

  • Consultancy
  • Development
  • Microsoft Azure IoT; IoT Hub, IoT Edge, IoT Central and the IoT solution accelerators
  • Nebulus™ IoT Gateway
  • Customer Care

A word from the client

“We wanted to offer real and tangible benefits, not a vague promise. And, with Codit’s help, that’s exactly what our IoT solution does. We are now determining value propositions for our other divisions, to expand this success throughout our business.”

Stuart Bashford, Digital Officer, Corporate Technology Department, Bühler

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