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Managing your IT environment is usually not a core activity. Codit offers you API Management as a Service. Our dedicated engineers take full responsibility of operational management, maintenance, support and change management.

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Your APIs are valuable, sometimes even business critical pieces of infrastructure. Rest assured and rely on Codit Customer Care to keep your API management solution operational at all times. Let us do the support, monitoring and other tasks while you focus on strategic projects.

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Operational at all times

Through API management, organizations can manage users, monitor and analyze traffic, promote and secure APIs and much more. APIs enable innovation and the creation of new revenue sources. Therefore, managing them well helps create additional value to all stakeholders.

Codit Managed Services supports and manages your API solution and ensure it is operational at all times.

Codit keeps your solution running in a cost-efficient manner and provides support when needed. If you want, we also apply changes to the environment. By quickly adapting to new business requirements, your solution supports the business agility your organization needs.


  • Ensure continuity of your business operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Focus on added value
  • Guarantee your SLA
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One-stop competence center

Codit employs a group of skilled and dedicated engineers. Together, they form our one-stop competence center. Depending on the service package you choose, or your custom package, our team is available up to 24/7 and performs different services. Read about them below.

Rely on Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists for emergency hotline or full ownership support. Our availability guarantee ranges from basic support to 24/7. There is no more need for you to invest in recruitment or training programs and you can free your staff to work on strategic projects.

Allow your company to adapt quickly to new business requirements. Codit provides you with trained and experienced specialists that implement changes quickly and securely. They apply latest industry knowledge to minimize issues.

Your solution is monitored by high quality innovative tools. Specialists interpret data and take action before issues arise. We ensure fast response times by a combination of high availability (up to 24/7) and instant expertise.

Implementing strict Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensures the high standards of your IT services. Our SLA reporting helps organizations create, monitor and respond actively and proactively on SLA’s. Service Agreements can be validated against multiple performance, availability and traffic volume metrics.

Your API Management solution is in capable hands when you outsource to us. Codit take responsibility for the IT side of the solution. so you can focus on your core business.

Why work with us

Codit operates the largest Customer Care Center in Europe for integration solutions. As a consultancy organization, we focus strongly on connecting applications via integration, APIs, cloud development and IoT. Our Microsoft Certified specialists understand your business flows, their context, and their importance to your day to day operations. Not to mention their non-stop commitment to the job.

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Your needs, our approach

We organize our services so they are adapted to your needs, your budget and the required Service Level Agreement.

Our approach is flexible and pragmatic in different domains:

  • Fixed price or Time & Material pricing
  • Availability guarantee ranges from support during business hours up to 24/7
  • Not just a hotline: our lines are staffed by technical experts
  • Our team of engineers use internal knowledge transfer to ensure that everyone is familiar with your situation
  • Choose between different Managed Services models, providing you with the flexibility you need
  • Remote support

Tightly control your budget. Through cost efficient and qualitative support and fast rollout of changes, Codit Managed Services helps reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

A word from the client

“We’re taking advantage of Codit’s services in all the different phases, from designing the solution to maintaining it once it’s been implemented.”

Simon Lamkin, CIO, Brussels Airlines

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