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How do you implement, support, manage and adapt Microsoft integration solutions? To do this successfully, you need the necessary know-how. Brush up on your knowledge and be on top of your game with training from Codit.

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About integration training

Before you start building integration solutions, you need to learn about architectural principles and development guidelines. Only then can you build future-proof solutions. Codit offers various integration trainings.

Our trainings

BizTalk Introduction

The BizTalk Introduction training offers you a three-day course with demos and hands-on labs. Participants gain insight into the basic principles of Microsoft BizTalk Server. This training is developer oriented.

BizTalk Deep Dive

BizTalk Deep Dive training is an advanced BizTalk training provided by experienced BizTalk architects. It goes deep into the technical aspects of BizTalk development covering advanced EAI, B2B and SOA topics. Participants will have a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of BizTalk after completing this course.

The BizTalk Deep Dive interactive demos reinforce the visual presentations. These are designed to tackle specific technical issues. Participants can interact and ask questions about the demos.

BizTalk Operations

This two-day instructor-led course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to install, configure, monitor and maintain a system running Microsoft BizTalk Server. The course also shows you how to deploy and manage BizTalk applications in a production environment.
No prior BizTalk experience is required.

Custom BizTalk Training

Do you need a customized training package? No problem. You can select the training topics you need to create a tailor-made program. Contact us to create your custom-built training course.


This one-day XSLT training provides the basic and more advanced topics of XSLT. It targets a technical audience, with some working knowledge of XML.

Required knowledge

For the more technical trainings, such as BizTalk Introduction and Deep Dive, you are required to have:

  • Experience with Visual Studio
  • Knowledge of .NET Framework and XML
  • Programming experience

Please contact us to find out more about the offering in your region or about training requests.


  • Training can be tailored to your needs
  • On-site or in the Codit offices
  • Real-world, hands-on training
  • Complete insights in what integration is all about
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What makes our trainings so effective?


Codit provides BizTalk training which can be tailored to your needs, your business language and your context.

Where you need it

We can train your team either on-site or in the Codit offices. Contact us to learn more about this option!


At Codit, we believe that connecting is everything. As an IT consulting company specialized in business agility and integration, we know a thing or two about BizTalk, hybrid and cloud integration scenarios. For you, this means real-world, hands-on training, preferably with your project examples.


Our trainings provide you with complete insights in what integration is all about and how can you implement it in your organization. After the training, you will be ready to start.

Why work with us

For your organization to develop Microsoft BizTalk Server solutions, it is important that developers are aware of the architectural principles and the possibilities and restrictions of this middleware platform.

Our trainers all have years of experience developing and managing BizTalk and hybrid environments. This puts us in an ideal position to share knowledge, experience and best practices.

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Integration is what we do

Having started as a highly competent Microsoft BizTalk Server specialist focused on integration, Codit has since grown substantially to become a leader in business integration, API Management, Azure and Internet of Things.

Nevertheless, we have not forgotten our roots. BizTalk is one of our core competencies. Our trainers have been developing and managing BizTalk environments themselves. This allows them to share a great deal of knowledge, experience and best practices with you.

Because of where we come from, our trainings are always hands-on. Our training computers run BizTalk just like in a production environment. Trainings are either operations- or developer-oriented and provide you with the skills you need for your job.

If you want to learn about integration solutions from the experts, not just any training institute, contact us for more information.

A Word from the Client

“When we recruit a new member of staff, it has become standard procedure to send them to Codit for 4 days of BizTalk training.”

Steven Van Meirhaeghe, I&O Middleware Technical Analyst, AG Insurance

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