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Do you need great support and peace of mind in a one-stop solution? Look no further than Codit Customer Care to ensure the continuity and availability of your Microsoft BizTalk, Azure or Cloud Integration solutions. Our team monitors, supports, maintains and adapts your integration platform the way you need.

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Rely on Codit Customer Care to keep your Microsoft BizTalk integration or Cloud Integration solution operational at all times, enabling you to adapt to new and urgent business requirements. Let us do the support, monitoring and other tasks while you focus on strategic projects.

We support all Microsoft ‘Core Integration Capabilities’, for example Biztalk, Azure, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Grid and API Management.

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Operational at all times

Codit Managed Services monitors, supports, maintains and adapts your integration platform, ensuring complete operational functionality. Whether your solution is Microsoft Biztalk, Azure, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Grid, API Management or any other Microsoft ‘Core Integration Capabilities’ technology. Your business-critical integration infrastructure is the keystone to distributing data on time and in any required format. All the more reason why you want it monitored and supported by the best specialists in the business.

What if your integration environment could adapt to new business requirements as quickly as they arise? That would make it future proof, which in turn makes your business more agile. Our team can apply changes to the environment when required.

To sum it up, our Managed Services team keeps your integration solution in continuous operation and adapted to your evolving business needs. We help you to achieve corporate goals, deal with new challenges, take up new opportunities and create value for stakeholders.


  • Ensure continuity of your business operations
  • Reduce cost
  • Focus on added value
  • Guarantee your SLA
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One-stop competence center

Codit’s Managed Services team of engineers is trained to understand your business needs and processes. They provide you with one central point of contact for integration platform support, change management, monitoring, reporting and even Azure hosting. Having your platform taken care of makes you worry free.

Rely on Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists for emergency hotline or full ownership support. Our offering ranges from basic support to 24/7. There is no more need for you to invest in recruiting and training IT staff, freeing your valuable employees to work on strategic projects.

Allow your company to adapt quickly to new business requirements. Codit provides you with trained and experienced specialists that implement changes quickly and securely. They apply latest industry knowledge to minimize issues.

Your solution is monitored by our specialists, who use innovative tools to interpret data and take action before issues arise. We ensure fast response times by a combination of high availability (up to 24/7) and instant expertise.

Health checks or audits, and statistical reports, help you to demonstrate the added business value of the solution.

Either on premises, hosted or cloud-based, your solution is better managed by outsourcing to Codit. We take responsibility for the IT side of the solution. You can focus on your core business.

Why work with us

Codit operates the largest Customer Care Center in Europe, one that solely focuses on managing and supporting Microsoft integration solutions. Our Microsoft Certified specialists understand your business flows, their context, and their importance to your day-to-day operations. Because our team works with many different environments, they are an invaluable knowledge pool.

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Your needs, our approach

We organize our services so they are adapted to your needs, your budget and the required Service Level Agreement.

Our approach is flexible and pragmatic in different domains:

  • Fixed price or Time & Material pricing
  • Availability guarantee ranges from basic support up to 24/7
  • From emergency hotline to full ownership: all our support levels are ITIL based
  • Codit supports hybrid models, together with you or your other partners, providing you with the flexibility you need
  • Proactive actions: our specialist can make changes to ensure continued operation

Tightly control your budget. Through cost efficient and qualitative support and fast rollout of changes, Codit Managed Services helps reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

A word from the client

“We couldn’t have finished the project to such a high standard without Codit. Codit was directly responsible for numerous performance improvements.”

Danny Verstraelen, IT Manager, Soudal

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