BizTalk Integration Assessment

Do you know how your integration environment scores with regards to availability, speed, reliability, documentation and restore options? An assessment by Codit leads to a comprehensive report. Use it as a roadmap to improvement.

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Your Microsoft BizTalk Server integration solutions may be running fine. But are you certain that future risks are sufficiently accounted for? Turn to the integration experts at Codit for a trusted second opinion on your integration environment. Because after all, you can’t afford your solution to stop working.

We currently offer a BizTalk assessment and a BizTalk upgrade assessment.

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What is included

The BizTalk assessment brings to light issues you may not be aware of and that could severely impact your business. The objective of the assessment is not only to identify what can be improved, but to identify how your integration solution can be enhanced for reduced risk.

The assessment comprises an extensive study of all aspects of the integration solution, resulting in a comprehensive custom report. The study covers the following areas:

  • Availability and reliability
  • Organizational issues
  • Procedures
  • Performance
  • Security

The final report highlights critical points and where the need for change is most stringent. This ‘roadmap to improvement’ also explains the measures to be taken to address issues.


  • Understand what may be wrong with your integration environment
  • Learn from the experts
  • Gain insight into availability, performance and security
  • Secure a roadmap to improvement
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Thanks to our extensive experience in building and supporting BizTalk and Azure cloud integration solutions, Codit helps you identify which points in your solution are open to improvement.

The report you receive serves as a roadmap to improvement and allows your organization to independently repeat the assessment, for instance after a migration to a more recent version of BizTalk

We have seen many BizTalk environments with insufficient documentation and extremely high maintenance costs. At one of our customers, the costs of failure implied a cost of thousands of euros per hour if production would stop. We fixed the issues that were pointed out in the assessment and were able to dramatically reduce their maintenance cost to a third.

Why work with us

Having started in 2000 as a highly competent Microsoft BizTalk Server specialist focused on integration, Codit has grown substantially to become a leader in business integration, API Management, Azure and Internet of Things.

We are perfectly positioned to assess your integration environment and offer a well-founded expert view of the situation. No strings attached!

A word from the client

“The returns from the project we entrusted to Codit are easy to calculate: we earn the investment back in three years and after that we save 100.000 euro every year, compared to before.”

Jean-Pierre Vande Maele, IT Consultant, Stora Enso Langerbrugge

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