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Integration is the Beating Heart of Stora Enso

Without data integration business would grind to a halt within three hours, costing tens of thousands of euros per hour.

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Executive summary

Stora Enso gains a competitive edge by exponentially improving their BizTalk data integration solution, slashing up to €100,000 per year on IT costs.

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Stora Enso produces 550.000 tons of paper every year, making them the fifth largest producer worldwide.

“Since 2008 we’ve seen a 5% decrease for the demand of paper year on year,” says Chris De Hollander, CEO of Stora Enso. “To stay ahead of the competition we need more efficient business processes, provide better service, and have a tight cost control.”

Stora Enso discovered they could cut IT costs by upgrading their integration solution.

They decided to consult Codit, experts in data integration to help them define and build that solution.

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Stora Enso needed to cut costs to improve their competitiveness. The way to achieve this was through refining and stabilizing their BizTalk Server data integration solution.

Their back-end system needs to run without a hitch 24/7. If not, all paper production would grind to a halt within three hours — costing them tens of thousands of euros per hour. They also wanted to significantly reduce the annual maintenance cost of their integration solution.

Their systems needed an upgrade but their previous integration partner didn’t have the capabilities to support Stora Enso’s business goals. Furthermore, documentation for their integrations was lacking, making them dependent on this partner. Stora Enso turned to Codit to help them find a solution.

We chose Codit as our integration partner for the future because they have the expertise and capacity to successfully realize a project of this scale.

Jean-Pierre Vande Maele IT Consultant for Stora Enso Langerbrugge


Codit updated Stora Enso’s BizTalk integration platform using the Invictus Integration Framework. Thanks to the strong collaboration between the Codit and Stora Enso teams, they completed the entire project four months ahead of schedule.

Codit Customer Care now monitors Stora Enso’s solution 24/7 and if any issue arises, the team resolve it within one hour.

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Codit updated Stora Enso’s integration solution from Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 to Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010. They then powered it with the Invictus Integration Framework, which sped up development by 30%.

Stora Enso now houses the BizTalk Server platform in two separate data centers, offering full redundancy; if one data center fails the other takes over operations seamlessly, guaranteeing 24/7 business continuity.

Codit Customer Care also monitors the solution round the clock. If a problem occurs the team resolves it within one hour. The strong collaboration between the Codit and Stora Enso teams ensured that the project was ready to go four months ahead of schedule.


Stora Enso now saves hundreds of thousands of euros per year with the new data integration solution. Codit Customer Care monitors the solution ensuring the system/platform is available 24/7. Stora Enso can now remain competitive for many years to come.

A word from the client

“Without BizTalk, production would stop, costing us a huge amount of money. Thanks to Codit, we no longer run that risk.”

Jean-Pierre Vande Maele, IT Consultant for Stora Enso

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