Invictus™ for BizTalk and Azure

Invictus™ is a turnkey solution that seamlessly implements your BizTalk, Azure and hybrid integration projects. Built upon more than a decade of expertise, it’s a transparent and affordable integration solution.

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Invictus™ is a revolutionary off-the-shelf integration solution that allows you to easily implement your integration projects. The Invictus™ product family has two separate offerings: Invictus™ for BizTalk, which focuses on on-premise integration solutions, and Invictus™ for Azure, which focuses on cloud-based (Logic Apps) integration solutions.

The true power of Invictus™ lies in its ability to easily create a hybrid integration, by combining the best of on-premise and cloud-based integration solutions.

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Seamless Data Integration

Integration projects are often difficult and are a huge drain on resources to develop and maintain. That’s why businesses choose a turnkey solution like Invictus™ to help them with their integration projects.

Developed by Microsoft experts, Invictus™ is based on best practices garnered from more than a decade of integration expertise. You and your team no longer have to waste time on the conception, planning, and execution of difficult integration projects. Instead, you can easily use Invictus™ to quickly develop a reliable, high-quality integration solution.

Transparency is important for any integration solution which is why Invictus™ comes with a dashboard. This web-based portal allows you to monitor and manage your integration flows. For instance, you can view messages, perform searches, and conduct error-handling. This dashboard ensures that your integration solution works continually at an optimal level.


  • Quick development time
  • Customizable
  • Transparent
  • Stay in control of your budget
  • Avoid costly pitfalls
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You no longer have to wait endlessly for your integration solution to be implemented. Because Invictus™ is an off-the-shelf solution it is quick and easy to set upYour development team no longer need to waste time building specific exception handling and notifications for every process.  

You can easily keep up to date with realtime alerts and audit trails via the Invictus dashboard. Reporting is a breeze with the dashboard giving the right people, the right insights, at the right time.  

Our straightforward payment plans ensure you stay in control of your budget. Invictus™ for BizTalk is purchased with a one-time licensing fee, while Invictus™ for Azure is paid via an ongoing subscription. With this transparent payment system, there are no surprises with your bill.

Built by Microsoft Integration experts with more than 15 years of integration experience, Invictus helps you avoid costly pitfalls and ensures that you’re never over-reliant upon one individual team member.

Why work with us

We’ll walk you through your integration project from ideation to implementation. We have over 20 years of integration experience, have worked on 500+ projects and we’re a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation. Get in touch with us and we’ll talk about your integration project. 

A word from the client

“The Invictus™ Integration Framework sped up the development of 12 crucial applications by 10-30%.”

Jean-Pierre Vande Maele, IT Consultant, Stora Enso Langerbrugge

up to 30%

faster development

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