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Internet of Things Internet of Things, not just the next hype

The Internet of Things or IoT is nothing new: for years devices and sensors have been connected and share data. IoT is in your devices, sensors, cloud services and data. IoT is all about the invaluable insights you gain from ingesting and analyzing your mission-critical data. The potential of IoT is huge. Also in your company. 

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Azure API Management How to publish an API in no time?

Want to publish, protect and monitor your business data and web services? In modern service infrastructures such as cloud and mobile, API management is a core component to accelerate API adoption, assure API quality and protect your enterprise’s assets. 

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Azure Be quick and responsive as never before with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications. You can build scalable web and mobile front-ends in the cloud and seamlessly connect them to internal enterprise data and processes. Extend your enterprise applications to mobile devices to achieve a robust, scalable, secure, and responsive mobile solution with multiple device platform support. 

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SaaS Integration services How to fully leverage SaaS?

Software-as-a-Service allows you to work with best-of-breed applications beyond your existing legacy systems landscape. How to fully leverage the added of each single application?  

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MSP Be worry free about integrations with Managed Services

Are you looking for an accountable partner for a breached SLA? Does it take too long before incidents get resolved? Or does the IT team never have the time to realise something new? 

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BizTalk Training How to get up to speed with BizTalk ?

Want to provide your team the know-how to efficiently implement, support, manage and adapt your integration solution? Codit organizes multiple contextual BizTalk training sessions that are based on real-life project experiences. 

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