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Service Fabric Mesh - A New Way of Running Containerized Applications

As of today, Azure Service Fabric Mesh is in public preview and is a true PaaS offering which allows you to run applications on top of Service Fabric, without having to maintain the cluster beneath it. In this article I’ll walk you through what it is, what it is not and how it relates to other container offerings in Azure.

16 Jul 2018

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Using Renovate to Maintain NuGet, Docker and Other Dependencies

Renovate automatically checks if there are new versions of your NuGet & Docker dependencies and helps to keep them up to date via automatic pull requests

8 Jul 2018

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Announcing a New Active Directory Connector for Logic Apps

Codit is growing and so does Alfred. Nowadays we are automatically synchronizing every Codit employee with our backend by using Azure Logic Apps. In order to do that, we've built an API app which is capable of querying Azure AD directory with Azure AD Application authentication and is now available on GitHub.

18 Jun 2018

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Open Source, from Microsoft with Love

Microsoft has bought GitHub. For no less than 7.5 billion dollars. This is undeniably a huge amount of money. But if you ask me, it’s a bargain. A smart investment with great return prospects. Because, with the takeover of the platform, Microsoft will also be gaining a major developer community.

15 Jun 2018

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Looking Back at INTEGRATE 2018

Last week, Codit was represented at INTEGRATE 2018 with a big delegation! With more than 20 people from the different Microsoft product teams and 25 speakers (2 from Codit), this is the biggest event to remain up-to-date with the latest evolutions in the integration space. After this successful edition, it's time to look back at the most important announcements!

11 Jun 2018

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Integrate 2018 - Day 3 Recap

Third and final day of Integrate 2018! THE yearly conference for Microsoft integration. This is the day 3 recap of the sessions presented at Integrate 2018 with the views and opinions of the Codit staff.

6 Jun 2018
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