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Property-Based Security Testing in F#

This post will combine the property-based testing approach with security testing — bringing developers and security closer to each other.

3 Sep 2018

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Using Liquid Templates in Azure API Management

Recently, I had the chance to apply Liquid templates within Azure API Management policies. I stumbled upon some caveats, that I want to share with you.

13 Aug 2018

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Writing Tests for Azure Event Grid

Use Azure Relay Hybrid Connections to relay all events to your tests to handle them

9 Aug 2018

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Service Fabric Mesh - A New Way of Running Containerized Applications

As of today, Azure Service Fabric Mesh is in public preview and is a true PaaS offering which allows you to run applications on top of Service Fabric, without having to maintain the cluster beneath it. In this article I’ll walk you through what it is, what it is not and how it relates to other container offerings in Azure.

16 Jul 2018

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Using Renovate to Maintain NuGet, Docker and Other Dependencies

Renovate automatically checks if there are new versions of your NuGet & Docker dependencies and helps to keep them up to date via automatic pull requests

8 Jul 2018

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Announcing a New Active Directory Connector for Logic Apps

Codit is growing and so does Alfred. Nowadays we are automatically synchronizing every Codit employee with our backend by using Azure Logic Apps. In order to do that, we've built an API app which is capable of querying Azure AD directory with Azure AD Application authentication and is now available on GitHub.

18 Jun 2018
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