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IoT in Practice: the Power of Remote and Predictive Maintenance

IoT offers endless possibilities in manufacturing and other industries, not only to improve supply-chain efficiency, but also as a means to remotely control the health conditions of your machine infrastructure and predict maintenance service.

15 Feb 2019

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Writing Integration Tests for Azure Event Grid 2.0 - The Scalable Approach

Learn how we've been using Azure Event Grid to build event-driven applications and how we test these applications. Find out what worked - and what didn't.

7 Feb 2019

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Demo of Blockchain Tech is Now Live in Microsoft Tech Centres Across Europe

Codit’s ‘Transport and Logistics Fresh Goods Scenario’ is currently being demonstrated in Microsoft Technology Centres across Europe.

6 Feb 2019

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Complex Transformations in Logic Apps

Recently, we faced the challenge to perform complex transformations in Logic Apps. We had an EDIFACT D96A ORDER parsed into XML, that had to be transformed into a generic JSON Order format. Let's have a look the issues we faced!

5 Feb 2019

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Consuming Webhooks with Logic Apps

This blog post shows an example of how Logic Apps can be used to react to webhook events.

29 Jan 2019

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Barrel Challenge Update - Diving for the Finish Line

Our heroic team Routing Failure have successfully completed this year's Barrel Challenge!

28 Jan 2019
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