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3 Key Advantages of Moving Your Apps to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

In today's digital landscape, having modern and efficient applications is essential for organizations to remain competitive. However, many have legacy applications that may not meet the needs of modern business. Organizations must undergo app modernization - the process of updating and optimizing their applications for their current environment. Microsoft Azure offers a safe and reliable platform for organizations to move and modernize their applications, taking advantage of the economic benefits of the cloud. In this blog post, we'll explore how.

1. Optimize costs

Moving your apps to the cloud will ultimately help you to reduce your costs and optimize your spending to support changing business priorities. A balance must be struck between looking at a long-term future, and rationalizing today’s costs. Azure is the answer to this.

  • Azure manages your applications and databases through end-to-end hosting. Managing default operations such as verifying advanced security patterns, network monitoring and verifying frees up infrastructure teams to focus on what matters. It gives you an overview of your environment, instructing you on what can be done automatically. It also gives you easy and transparent ways to make things better.
  • Built-in intelligence enables metric-based and AI-powered optimizations, allowing for efficient resource management and cost reduction.
  • You can get more cloud for less. With reserved capacity plans you can get savings up to 85% off pay-as-you-go rates, depending on the duration of your commitment.
  • You have the ability to scale-to-zero, meaning you have a way to deploy your code and make it responsive in case of a request, but without any cost when it is not used. This could be very useful for a dev & test environment or low-load production environments.

2. Operate confidentially

Today, the ability to scale web applications is critical. Organizations must be prepared for sudden spikes, such as during the rise of remote working during the COVID-19 crisis. There should be a system in place to deal with such largescale movements – but this sort of scaling can be complex. Azure can help your organization to achieve global, enterprise-grade scalability for all your web apps.

  • By right-sizing your infrastructure and increasing availability, Azure ensures close to zero-down-time deployments through an enterprise-grade web hosting platform. This currently serves over two million sites, and processes 41B requests and 9T SQL queries per day​.
  • To improve the reliability of your application, each Azure region is built on top of multiple data centres, which protects the data being lost if one data centre is compromised by a disaster. If you want, you can even go for multi-region availability.
  • Through the help of Azure, you can secure your applications and databases. Built-in web app and database security controls help to protect your applications and improve security posture.
  • Azure also works seamlessly together with your Release & deployment mechanism, providing built-in actions to make your deployments run smoother & safer!
  • When working on-prem, organizations need to invest in tools that measure performance and make changes manually. Azure measures your data and provides insights into performance, giving you recommendations and making suggestions about efficiency, all of which can be applied within two clicks.
  • Azure seamlessly scales web applications and databases by migrating to fully managed services with built-in auto-scaling capabilities.

3. Ship new features faster

Azure is constantly evolving, and one benefit of using it is that you can leverage the features in which investments are being made with confidence.

  • Native Visual Studio integration offers unparalleled developer productivity, allowing organizations to ship new features faster and maximize value per development cycle.
  • Applications can be extended to interact with any system and​ evolve quickly. You can add new modalities and connect your app to the data and systems needed to serve users.
  • Quickly build integrations between two companies by using the power of the cloud. Integrations can be delivered in no time using Azure.
  • Azure can help you to innovate with confidence, the platform is constantly adjusting to new realities and extending its features with cutting-edge technology to meet new customer requirements.
  • Azure PaaS products deliver an integration with all the tools you need to have a production deployment in no time. Observability, deployment slots, and secret/vault integration are some tools that become available to you with minimal to almost no effort.

Modernizing your apps with Microsoft Azure can help you to keep up with new business requirements, streamline business processes and optimize costs. It will also allow you to scale up confidentially and confidently, and to make use of the newest-latest-and-greatest features.

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