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Arcus Security v2.0, the Catalyst Release That Sets the Record Straight

The Arcus Security v2.0 release makes use of the required .NET 8 update in order to make small changes which will have a big impact.

.NET 8 update

Following the Arcus Observability v3.0 release is the Security library. While the Observability update is the start of the release round, the Security update is the catalyst. There are several Arcus libraries making use of the Security library, which means that several libraries can be updated towards .NET 8 simultaneously.

Just like the Observability update, this major release also says goodbye to .NET Core, but still supports .NET 6 and .NET Standard 2.1 for backward compatibility reasons.

Vulnerable packages

A lesson learned from previous .NET upgrade rounds was to focus on the .NET version itself, rather than any other open issues. As with any lesson, this is the exception. There were some vulnerable Microsoft packages, related to interaction with Azure Key vault residing in the library. This major update was the perfect opportunity to step away from and remove any deprecated packages and types, and fully support the new and safer approach for Azure Key vault interaction.

Everything was in place to make this change securely, moving from the necessary alternative functionality mentioned in any deprecated functionality, so we expect that this transition will go smoothly. Any additional info is available on the feature documentation, and support can be given on any open issues.

Simplified API

One of the bit benefits of this major release, on a code level, is the simplification of the exposed AddProvider API in the secret store. Due to a previous, unmaintainable design decision of optional parameters, we were stuck with certain conflicting method overloads. Previous releases have worked around this problem and have added the necessary deprecated messages that direct towards a future solution. But this release finally offers the last step in making the secret store API dummy- and future-proof.

This release also includes several other removals that were leftovers from previous design decisions (like the empty CacheConfiguration constructor). The result is a simpler, cleaner library with self-evident ways of adding and registering secret providers in the secret store.


The Arcus Security v2.0 is the start of many other .NET 8 Arcus releases, which provide many enhancements related to security and design.

Take a look at the release notes and feature documentation to learn more about Arcus Security.

See our official documentation for more information on all the currently supported features. If you have any questions, remarks, comments, or just want to discuss something, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for reading!
-Arcus team

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