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Barrel Challenge 2019 Update Days 1-3

Our Barrel Challenge Team Routing Failure has been having an absolute blast on their drive up north. Take a look at what they've been up to on the first three days of the challenge...

Here at the Codit office we’ve been following our very own Barrel Challenge team Routing Failure’s adventures with a mixture of awe, envy, pride and hilarity. Here are some of the highlights of the first three days:

Stage 1, Escape from Belgium.

The team drove bravely through the deep, dark winter of Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany to make it to Port Travemunde where they took an overnight boat, with other contestants, to Port Trelleborg in Sweden for the first leg of the challenge.

With Stage 1 completed, the tired team rested their weary heads onboard this boat for the night.

Codit Barrel Challenge Boat

Stage 2 saw the team driving into Sweden, battling -21 degree temperature, and stopping to admire the other contestant’s automobiles, “Hello Hotrod!”

Codit Barrel Challenge Hotrod

Of course the further north they drove the more the mercury dropped and the more monochrome the landscape became:

But with snow also comes fun:

Play Video


Then it was time to rest up in this picturesque cabin:

After some trouble with the car battery this morning, (-20 degrees, not even the battery wants to get out of bed on a day like that!) the guys were back on the road in Sweden, and today their mission is to find this hut:

Codit Barrel Challenge challenge of the day

Good luck finding that one guys!

Be sure to follow the team on their adventures on their Facebook page, and don’t forget you can view real-time data about the IoT connected car.


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