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Embracing Diversity: Voices from Codit's Customer Care Team

Navigating cultures, enriching solutions, and fostering inclusion in Customer Care

At Codit, we believe that our strength lies in the unique backgrounds and experiences that each member of our team brings to the table. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the different narratives of our Customer Care team, a group of individuals from different corners of the globe and with different experiences, united by their dedication to providing exceptional service and enriching solutions.

Angèle, Customer Care Engineer

Hi, I’m Angèle. I am Congolese and moved to Belgium just before I turned one, due to the poor political and economic situation in the Congo. Both my parents had a university diploma, but neither got properly paid and were constantly confronted by a corrupt government. My mother, older brother, and I left Congo first, followed by my father, who got a scholarship in the Netherlands. At age one and a half, I found my home in Belgium. I’ve been working in the Codit Customer Care team for five years now. I’m a Customer Care engineer, working in the L2 team, which means that I’m a Service Matter Expert for strategic clients. This entails a close follow-up of the general solution we implement, as well as the continuous improvement of monitoring. Besides that, I also help out L1 engineers when needed. Another role I have is People Lead. This means that I am a person of trust to coachees, as well as a point of escalation. Ultimately, I try to guide their professional endeavors, together with the Team Lead. One of my absolute musts starting my professional career in the IT world was a comfortable and open culture, as I had my fair share of being the only person who did not have Belgian roots, which can feel incredibly isolating. When I first applied to Codit, I didn’t see many multicultural aspects, but during the selection procedure, the talks that I had were reassuring. I talked to a lot of great women and men who immediately made me feel at ease, and who asked me what kind of work culture I was looking for. I remember responding that a laid-back, open, and understanding atmosphere would be perfect, which is exactly what I feel I got, five years in. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work together with amazing people from around the world who’ve helped me professionally and expanded my cultural knowledge. At Codit, we can all be who we want without an ounce of shame.

Ardian, Customer Care Engineer

Hey, I’m Ardian and I’m originally from North Macedonia (Albanian Ethnicity). My family and I moved to Belgium in 2010 and have lived here ever since. We moved to be closer to our extended family, and for myself and my sister to be exposed to better opportunities, schooling, and chances. I started at Codit as a Customer Care Engineer earlier this year. My role involves making sure that our clients’ services keep running as they should and solving any problems that could show up for them. I’ve loved working at Codit so far. Hours and days go by fast and that’s only the case when you enjoy what you’re doing. It’s a great place to work, with people of many different backgrounds working together as a single unit. I wasn’t sure how I’d fit into my team when I started, but my worries were put to rest quickly, as even in the first few days I felt like I had worked with my colleagues for a while. Everyone was very welcoming, sociable, and ready to help when help was needed. I especially appreciate the care and support of management and HR within Codit. My onboarding took a while and was unusual, to say the least, but they helped every step of the way. I doubt that many other organizations would have spent so much time and effort making sure I could begin working with them.

Shadab, Site Reliability Engineer

Hi, I am Shadab and I’m from India. I moved to Belgium earlier this year to begin a new challenging position as a Site Reliability Engineer at Codit. Moving to Belgium has so far been an incredible adventure filled with many enriching experiences. From the moment I set foot here, I was charmed by the picturesque landscapes, rich history, and warm, welcoming people. Beyond the office, I’ve embraced the diverse culture and explored historic cities like Gent, Brussels, and Bruges, and I’m even trying to learn a bit of Dutch. Each day in Belgium feels like a new chapter in my journey, and I’m grateful for the chance to both grow as a software engineer and create lasting memories here. Professionally, the tech scene at Codit Belgium has offered me exciting opportunities to collaborate with talented professionals and work on cutting-edge projects. Codit Belgium is a shining example of a multicultural work environment and what stands out for me is the remarkable diversity in our team. I truly believe it enriches both our work and our daily interactions. Every day I have the privilege of collaborating with colleagues from various corners of the globe, each bringing their unique perspectives, experiences, and talents to the table. It’s inspiring to witness the fusion of different cultural backgrounds, languages, and work styles, which leads to innovative solutions and a truly inclusive atmosphere. This not only enhances our creativity but fosters a deep sense of respect and understanding amongst team members. It’s this cultural diversity and the resulting synergy that makes Codit stand out to me, offering a dynamic and welcoming environment where I feel encouraged to grow both personally and professionally.

Basel, Customer Care Engineer

Hi, I’m Basel. I’m 29 years old and I’m originally from Palestine. I embarked on a new chapter in my life when I made the decision to relocate to Belgium in February 2020. My move was motivated by a deep-seated desire for personal growth and professional development. I wanted to challenge myself, expand my skillset, and explore fresh horizons, even if it meant leaving behind the familiar climate of Palestine. When I applied for the position of Customer Care Engineer at Codit, I noticed the company was certified as a Great Place to Work® for the 4th year in a row (and now we’re up to the 5th year). Trust me though: experiencing this certificate is a lot better than just hearing about it. Codit really is a great place to work! I started as a Customer Care Engineer in August 2023. In this role, my primary mission is to provide exceptional support to our valued clients, specializing in resolving complex technical issues. Part of this is being a catalyst for positive change. I actively develop change requests aimed at enhancing existing solutions, often addressing bug fixes and continuous improvements to ensure our clients experience seamless service. Since starting at Codit, I’ve had a remarkable experience. The multicultural atmosphere here is incredibly warm and inclusive. From day one, I’ve felt a strong sense of support from my team, and have felt empowered to share my ideas and use my skills. Another thing that stands out for me is the pervasive culture of knowledge sharing. It’s inspiring to see everyone being so open, supportive, and eager to assist one another. The presence of seasoned senior professionals at Codit has been invaluable; it makes seeking guidance and mentorship a seamless process. This collaborative spirit has played a significant role in shaping my professional growth and development.

Matthias, Managed Services Engineer

My background is slightly different to many others at Codit. My degree was in Physics, but as I was struggling to find work in this field, I turned to one of my other skills: programming. I hunted for traineeships, dipped my toes into a few IT roles, and eventually landed at Codit in February 2021. Now, I’m part of the Customer Care team as a first-line support engineer. It’s a fast-paced gig, but the team makes it fun! Most of us come from IT backgrounds, but I feel that a wide range of experiences brings a lot of creativity! On a personal note, mental health has been a struggle, but Codit has been incredibly understanding and supportive, which means the world to me. So, here I am, straddling the worlds of Physics and programming. This journey has taught me that life doesn’t always follow a straight line. Embracing change, chasing passions, and being open to the unexpected— that’s what it’s all about.

Enza, General Manager Customer Care

I’m Enza, General Manager of Codit’s Customer Care. I’m third generation of Italian immigrants: my grandparents moved to Belgium to work in the mines, and both my father and I were born and raised here. I’m also only the second person in my family to have completed a university degree and I was raised in a very multi-cultural way, surrounded by people from all over the world. I began working at Codit almost five years ago, and now I am responsible for the business unit Customer Care. What excites me the most about our Customer Care team is the rich diversity it encompasses. I have a team of 30 professionals with varying backgrounds, both in terms of IT and non-IT expertise, and many come from different countries. It’s truly an international and open-minded environment where we learn from each other and thrive on our differences. Currently, we have a great gender balance too, with 8 out of 30 team members being female. We cherish this inclusivity, and I am very proud of the dynamic blend of skills and perspectives within our team.

In our Customer Care team, we don’t just solve problems; we leverage our diverse backgrounds to craft innovative solutions that propel our clients forward. We’ve built an environment where everyone, regardless of their roots, can thrive, grow, and contribute to our collective success. It’s not just about embracing change; it’s about celebrating it.

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