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Building a Secure and Scalable Cloud Environment

Codit's Best Practices: Using Landing Zones for Azure Cloud Management

As cloud adoption becomes increasingly essential for organizations, managing a cloud environment can be challenging and costly, particularly without the necessary expertise. Microsoft offers the building blocks to build and provide a Landing Zone, providing a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution for managing your Azure environment. 

Landing Zones are a critical component of a cloud environment, providing a framework to govern your cloud operations, including security, compliance, and resource management. At Codit, we follow best practices defined by Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and incorporate the Enterprise-Scale architecture Landing Zone to provide a flexible and future-proof foundation for your cloud operations. 

To leverage the benefits of Landing Zones for Azure Cloud Management, it’s crucial to follow some best practices when setting up your Azure Landing Zone. These practices include:

Selecting the right architecture

Defining governance and security policies

Establishing network connectivity

Automating resource deployment

Begin by creating a root management group for your organization to manage your Azure environment effectively. Consider separating Platform and Application Landing Zones to improve manageability. Ensure scalability and adaptability by allowing for future growth and accommodating unknown factors. Improve resource isolation and management by splitting environments into separate subscriptions. To streamline management, create a management group to hold new subscriptions. Prioritize application-centric migrations and development to meet your organization’s needs. 

By implementing these best practices, you can effectively build a cloud environment that meets your business needs. This will help optimize your cloud operations, improve productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance. 


Landing Zones for Azure Cloud Management are essential for organizations looking to manage their cloud environment effectively. By understanding the benefits and best practices of LaaS, you can leverage the potential of cloud computing to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth. 

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