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Using ITIL to Unlock Powerful Advantages for an Unparalleled Service Journey

Discover how ITIL Practices Enhance Consistency, Quality, Communication, Cost-effectiveness, and Flexibility for Customers of Service Providers

5 Jun 2023

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Building a Secure and Scalable Cloud Environment

Codit's Best Practices: Using Landing Zones for Azure Cloud Management

15 May 2023

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The Rise of Digital Managed Services

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant rise in the use of cloud and managed services in the technology industry. Currently, it's growing at a rate of 20% through both subscription and traditional revenue streams.

17 Feb 2023

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Codit Customer Care: An Insight into our Customer Solution Monitoring

Ever wondered how Customer Care can help your company? Whether it’s due to a lack of specific in-house skills, a need for specialized help, or a lack of bandwidth in the IT department, our team can bring extra value to your organization. Two of our customers, Baloise and Euronav, testify to this below.

5 Dec 2022

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Customer Care: 9 Trends in the Market

Having had a positive last few years, Customer Care is swiftly becoming one of the fastest-growing areas of technology services. In this new monthly blog series, we'll be highlighting some of the important aspects of Customer Care that you should know about.

16 May 2022

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