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Connect, Capture, Cultivate: Reaping Insights through Living Plant Data

Codit works with Dutch scale-up Plant-e to transform vegetation into information - cultivating data from actual living plants. Discover the groundbreaking solution that provides insights from literally under the ground.

Using its patented technology, Plant-e has developed products that convert living plants’ energy into sustainable electricity. Codit recently partnered with the company to help further advance this innovative process with data intelligence, employing Azure IoT and services to unlock previously inaccessible environmental data. From this information, organizations can leverage and monetize critical insights to improve operations in various industries, enhance projects in city management, and to support nature conservation efforts.

To develop the solution, Codit’s team connected the living plants to the internet and Azure through IoT Hub and IoT Central, transforming the vegetation into data-capturing sensors and equipping them to immediately retrieve data. The information is sent from the remote sensors to an FTP site, where a Logic App picks up the data up and pushes it to the IoT Hub, which serves as the backend for IoT Central. Based on findings from this project, Codit is now developing a new solution planned to launch this year.

27th of January, at Microsoft’s IoT in Action in Amsterdam, attendees will be able to see this transformative technology in action during our interactive showcase. The demo will display a live data stream from these plant connections through a hands-on IoT Central dashboard.

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming demo, product release, and developments from this exciting partnership.

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