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How do Codit Employees Use Their ‘Personal Training Budget’?

At Codit, we offer a generous personal training budget. Our employees can decide for themselves how to best use this budget to become even better at their jobs, and this covers a vast range of training. From technical training to language courses, read about how some of them have been using it.

Marlies - Recruiter, Codit Belgium

I used my Personal Training Budget to take an onsite training at “The Recruiters Academy”, which provides coaching and support for professionals in Recruitment. The course was “Interviewing Techniques” and it was a full day of learning about different ways to interview candidates.

This really helped to teach me more about how I can better interview potential employees in my job as a Codit recruiter, but it also gave me confidence in what I was already doing!

Stijn - Consultant, Codit Belgium

I usually focus on Testing, Security and Quality when booking training. This can include:

  • Testing (property-based testing, performance testing, integration testing)
  • Security (application security, Azure security)
  • Quality (domain-driven design, functional programming)

I have taken two courses this year so far, as the personal training budget gives me the flexibility to decide what I want to learn more about on a month-to-month basis. This means I can match my training to the work I’m doing as a Codit consultant at that moment.

Krista - Consultant, Codit Malta

Using my annual Personal Training Budget has been a fantastic learning experience for me as an Azure Developer. Last year, I attended an NDC Conference in Oslo. I was able to immerse myself in a diverse range of sessions held by leading tech speakers, covering topics such as upcoming features C# and Azure Services. The conference provided an excellent opportunity for me to expand my knowledge, connect with other like-minded professionals, and gain a deeper understanding of emerging trends and best practices in my field. I am also able to share my newfound knowledge with my colleagues back in Malta.

Holly - Content Marketeer, Codit Belgium

As a British expat living and working in Belgium, I don’t speak any of the native languages fluently. Even though official work takes place in English at Codit, I used my Personal Training Budget to take weekly online Dutch classes, which helps my integration into the office environment, as well as my confidence.

I’m super grateful that Codit allows me to use my PTB in a way that not only benefits my work, but also my personal life!

Ruud - Consultant, Codit Netherlands

After I finished my traineeship with Codit Netherlands, I used my personal training budget to attain Microsoft Azure certifications on AI in Azure, and a masterclass hosted by Microsoft and Nvidia. These focused on building- and running AI models for computer vision on Azure IoT Edge devices.

I’ve been able to apply the knowledge gained from this training to an IoT/AI R&D project that led to a Proof-Of-Concept (PoC), which I’m now helping to build to showcase in pre-sales conversations to potential new customers. The courses have also helped when I’ve been visiting conferences.

Read more about Ruud’s traineeship here.

Anne - Recruiter, Codit Belgium

With 5 years of experience in recruitment and employer branding, I wanted to use my Personal Training Budget to further expand my HR expertise. When I indicated to our HR manager that I would like to pursue a postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management, she was really encouraging! Thanks to the PTB, the studies were financed by Codit. Since September 2022, I’ve been going back to class weekly. With the extra knowledge gained, I hope to be able to support my HR colleagues even better and to continue to grow as a professional. Thanks for the opportunities, Codit!

Christophe - Business Consultant and Project Manager, Codit Belgium

Last year, I used my Personal Training Budget for two things.

The first was some self-study in order to achieve the AZ-900 certification. As a Project Manager this is really useful because although I don’t work with the technical details myself, it’s interesting to know and understand what the architects and consultants are talking about. For example, it’s good to have an idea of the basics of Logic Apps, Data Factory or IoT Hub, so I know what they are talking about!

Secondly, I followed a course to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner. This demonstrates my knowledge of the Scrum framework and Agile in general to the outer world.

Anneke - Sales Coordinator, Codit Belgium

I’ve been at Codit for almost 7 years and have taken some great training over this time! As I am now one of Codit’s People of Trust, I use my PTB for the annual refresher course, which we legally need to take. I’m really looking forward to improving my skills there.

I have also requested to register for “the integral coaching essentials training”.

Last year, I followed a life coaching course, which was really interesting in teaching me how to help people achieve their ambitions. I firmly believe people already know what they want to achieve, but sometimes need that little nudge to know how to get there. By asking certain types of questions, we make people ask themselves “Is this really what I want?”, or “Am I struggling with this or are there other emotions at play?” The training helped me to improve my conversation skills and how I ask questions and give feedback to people. Who knows, maybe it could help me become a people lead in the future 😉

I also took a one-day course on “first aid for mental health problems”. A real variety of interesting courses that help me at work, as you can see!

Want to be the next employee to use the Codit PTB? Head over to our careers page or speak to a recruiter today.

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