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Issue While Migrating EDI from BizTalk to Logic Apps

I was working recently on a prototype to migrate AS2 and EDI flows from BizTalk to Logic Apps. During that migration I encountered a strange issue, and I want to share my findings with you.

Thanks to the Integration Account, we are able to reuse the BizTalk EDI schemas and related maps in Logic Apps.  However, when trying to process the first EDI message, I received the following exception: Transaction Set or Group Control Number Mismatch.

In the end, it turned out to be a really misleading exception message.  Apparently, Logic Apps includes the UNH2.5, if present, in the schema lookup, which BizTalk does not.  As a consequence, the EDI schema must include the UNH2.5 value in the root node.  So, if your EDI message includes the following UNH segment, the root node of the EDI schema must be equal to EFACT_D03B_ORDERS_EAN008.  This is documented over here.


Be aware of this when migrating EDI from BizTalk to Logic Apps.  It impacts your schemas and also all your related maps.

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