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Making Arcus Templates More Powerful

Get started easily for building Web APIs and Azure Service Bus message pumps with Arcus Templates.

Recently we released v0.2.0 of the Arcus.Templates project and it isnow  available on NuGet. This library will boost development for new projects with option-in/out of commonly used functionality.

Take a look what theses templates have to offer.

Web API Template

Version v0.1.0 only contained some basic functionality, exception handling, and an option to add a shared key authentication mechanism. With version v0.2.0 we provide a lot more.

Here’s what the default template contains without any additional configurations:

  • Exception middleware to log unhandled exceptions thrown during request processing.
  • Content negotiation that only supports application/json.
  • OpenAPI docs generation and UI (only available locally).
  • Provides basic health endpoint with ASP.NET Core health checks with OpenAPI support.
  • Docker building file.
  • Default console logger.

Besides that, we have provided a whole range of additional functionality that can be optioned-in/out during the creation of the template:

  • We improved the authentication in our API by adding JWT and client certificate authentication.
  • The template now allows you to include a appsettings.json file in the project.
  • Correlation between HTTP requests/responses is by default included in the project but can be option-out.
  • Our built-in OpenAPI docs generation and UI can be excluded with opt-out.
  • If you prefer Serilog instead of default console, you can opt-in for that.

For more info see the docs.

Azure Service Bus Queue/Topic Templates

As of v0.2.0, we’ve introduced two new templates for creating .NET workers a message pump that is either listening on a Azure Service Bus Queue or Topic.

Both templates are available on NuGet – Queue message pump template and Topic message pump template.

Here’s what default is available in the template without any additional configurations:

Besides that, each template provides an option to exclude the Serilog logging infrastructure in the worker project.

For more info on our messaging templates, have a look at our documentation:

  • Azure Service Bus Queue template (docs)
  • Azure Serivce Bus Topic template (docs)

Thanks for reading!


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